Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Model in training

Need I say more......

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sorry, no cute baby pics included

I wish I could be posting about my wonderful new baby girl, with lots of cute pics, but I have no camera. You see, we only have one camera and Joel left last week for his walk ( if you don't know what I am talking about, go HERE), and is using the camera while he is gone.

Meanwhile, I am trying to stay sane without a husband while caring for 2 crazy boys and my perfect little angel girl. I had a plan though, which has subsequently gone out the window. The first part of the plan was to treat my self to getting my hair done since my roots are so bad my hair looks two toned. However, like always when joel is gone, someone has to get sick. This time Gavin decided it should be him, so we spent Thursday through the weekend with fevers, chills, lots of motrin and tylenol, and blankets and movies. As a result, Kaden was beyond stir crazy, and I was ready to rip all my hair out(which would have eliminated the need for the hair appt so maybe I should have opted for that!).
Breathe, Jasmyn, breathe.
Everything was going to be ok, I rescheduled my hair for Monday, and we were going to start the week off right, and my roots were going to be long gone, which in turn makes for a much happier mom. Then Monday morning comes, and Julia has to cancel because her son is sick now! The nerve! Didn't he know he was ruining my week? Dramatic, maybe, but it has been over 10 weeks people!
AS I convince myself everything will be ok, I reschedule for Thursday (let's hope it happens this time). Meanwhile, Gavin has traded in his fever and chills, for whining and tantrums. I much prefferred the fever...atleast he was calm and cuddly. Turns out the kid is contipated so today was spent trying to get him to poop.

Back to the plan....the second part of the plan was to stay busy to hopefully pass the time quickly while Joel is gone. I am going to try to accomplish this tomorrow, by spending the day at IKEA with my sister. Let's hope it does the trick. And if you see me before Thursday, please ignore my roots and cranky kids. Hopefully by Saturday everyone in this house will be much happier.