Sunday, January 22, 2012


It was about time this boy got to do a sport! He had been begging to do basketball, so of course we obliged.

He was very excited to get his Jersey with his name on it!

 He concetrates so hard when he has the ball that his little tongue is always hanging out!
 love this boy!

so handsome!

Up next, Flag Football for this little superstar :)

Christmas Day

Christmas morning...Santa was very generous!
 He ate al lhis cookies (like a good santa should) and left a special note for the kids
 Kaden couldn't wait to see what it said!
 I think Gavin would have been perfectly happy just playing withthe  toys he had gotten on Christmas Eve.
 Stockings first!!!
 "Santa" decided that the entire family should have sweatbands...because doesn't everyone need a sweatband?
 lookin' good Anderson's

So after 3 attempts yet again to try to post a video, it wouldn't load. needless to say, the next pics were from their Santa gifts hidden in the garage.

Joel took a try at Kaden's Ripstick first.  lookin' good, babe.
Kaden, trying it out.
I don't know if Zoey was more excited about the scooter or the ring pop.
Gavin had been begging for a "fluffy white dog" this was the least girly one I could find. It walks, barks, and wags its tail, but all he wants to do is sleep with it. Funny kid!
Joel got Zo a soccer ball. She is still figuring it out.
And their last big surprise: A new Trampoline!!
I think the kids were happy!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve

I know, it's January 6th and I am still only posting about Christmas Eve. Bare with me.
Every Christmas Eve we always let the kids open one present before bed and it is always their Christmas Jammers. Well, Joel had to work Christmas Eve this year, but he had that morning off so we opted to do our tradition in the morning!
 The kids with their presents
 Joel is so "surprised" it is Jammers...he had no idea. Stinker!
 My boys acting "cool"
 and then crazy!
 Me and my sweet girl in our jammers.

After that we went off to my parents to celebrate with my side of the family. Joel had off until noon so he could celebrate with us. My mom always says it will be small....but it never is! the kids were showered with gifts!
 Can you even see Zoey amongst all the gifts?
 The girls could have played with this little wind up toy all day, who needs presents, right?
 The boys and their cool new toys
 My little boys are really getting into sports teams so they were thrilled to get these jerseys!
 Zoey was enthralled with her new Dora book
 My mom likes to give Joel fun, yet practical gifts..
 and you never know when you will need a head lamp, right?
Our family!

Joel went off to work and the kids spent the rest of the day playing with all their new toys!