Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pushups, Dresses, and Family Pics.

Zo Zo REALLY wants to crawl. Bad. But, she just can't put it all together yet. She can get up on her hands and knees, but then she tries to move everything at the same time and just plops down. So lately, when she is trying to move, she holds this pose: Push ups anyone?

Needless to say, I am quite proud she has the strength to do this, and I am convinced that all those push ups and planks I did while she was in the womb is the reason she is so strong!

In other news, I have been inspired. Those of you that know Jen know it is easy to be inspired by her. She sent me some great "how-to" instructions on making dresses, and I am hooked! This was my first attempt, I bought this fabric orignially to make something for me, but it turned out to be much better for Zoey.

I think she likes it!

Matching hair flower to go with it!

This was my next Creation! I found this fabric @ Hobby Lobby (my new favorite store) for $3.99 a yard! I didn't even use a half a yard so really this dress cost me $2!

And Lastly, my friend Cathy just got her family pictures done, which made me realize it was time we had some nice pics that included Zoey girl. We went the same great gal, Carlee, and she did a wonderful job! If you live in AZ, check her out. She is offering and amazing summer deal! Here just a few of my favorites:

This is just a sneak peek! They were just done yesterday, and I am so excited to see the rest next week!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer fun

The first few weeks of summer have been wonderful! We started off with two weeks of swimming lessons for the boys. Gavin HATED it, but through the tears, he still did everything Miss Nicole told him to do. And by the end of the two weeks, he finally came around. Miss Zoey loved to eat her snacks and watch like the good girl that she is!

Kaden floating

Thats Gavin....under water!


Thats right, she was able to get him to JUMP off the diving board!!!

Kaden practiced his dives. Most of the time they looked like belly flops but this one wasn't bad!

With Miss Nicole
Next on tap was a day at the zoo with my sister. Last Saturday was unseasonably cool and it was the most wonderful day.

The two girl cousins. I hope they are like sisters when they get older. They are only a year apart!

Unfortunately this was the only pictures I got of the boys while we were there. Oops!

Hannah was supposed to be eating lunch but the sand/dirt looked much more fun!

Zoey fell asleep like the rockstar that she is, so we coverted her up in my sister's stroller.

I think I need to get a stroller with a tray, she really liked sitting up and reaching for her puffs!

A few days later we spent the day at Joel's parent's for some more water fun!

Kaden wanted a picture just like Zoey was HERE. I got the picture right before he fell!

Gavin seems to really like the water now! Look at him jump to Grandpa Dave!

Me and Zoey just chillin'

He is showing us his muscles here, but I am pretty sure his belly consumes the whole picture!

We have been ending lots of days like this too! Gotta love the summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

oh, these kids!

When I am not tearing my hair out from frustration, these kids of mine crack me up and make me so thankful I am their mom.

Let's start with baby girl....she is getting soo big and her smile is captivating. I really do want to take a bite out of her but I restrain myself so as not to leave unsightly bite marks in her chunky thighs. Did I mention she has her two bottom teeth already? Yeah, she got them a month ago! Crazy huh....the boys didn't cut their first teeth till they were almost a year old! Just check out miss cute face here, you can see her two little toofers popping up:)
Then there is Gavin....oh this kid kills me! So smart and witty, with an amazing memory and attention to detail. The other day at dinner, Zoey was screaming (not cuz she was fussy, just because she likes her own voice) and Joel was a little aggrivated. He mumbled, "c'mon Zo, quiet down!" Gavin proceeded to say, "She' a baby, Dad, that's what babies do!" I may have told him that several times while driving.
He has also been quite into being a superhero lately so he can"get all those bad guys away!" as best stated by him. I made him a make shift cape the other day and he went around the whole house like this:

And last, but surely not least, there is Kaden. The one who I am convinced is responsible for my hair turning grey so early. Oh man, he keeps me on my toes! The other day, the boys were coloring with markers at the table. Joel and I were chatting in the kitchen and when we looked over we saw kaden drawing all over his face! We said "Kaden!!! What are you doing?" And with the most impeccable timing he lokked up at us, paused, and then just said "MEOW!" Then he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm a tiger." We were rolling on the floor laughing!

He did, kind of look like a tiger: