Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pre-k Graduation!!

Wow how time flies... this year came and went and now I have to prepare myself to send Kaden to Kindergarten! He is so excited, asks me everyday when he gets to go to "Big kid school."

As the school year came to an end, the kids got to have a few different parties and one of them was a water day in Kaden's class. Gavin wanted to be a part of it too and of course Miss Chrissy said yes!

 Checkin out the slip n slide
 Kade discussed important business in the baby pool while Zoey found some toys just her size.
 This is the "how many kids can we cram into a baby pool" game
 And when the big kids got out, Zoey helped herself to some "tea" and managed to get soaked
 Water balloons!!
 Best buds...Kaden sure is going to miss Miles next year :(
 Zoey decided her shorts were too wet so she decided to rock the shirt, shoes, and diaper look!
 She also swiped herself a popsicle.

The next day it was time for Gavin's class graduation. If you remember from his Christmas performance, Gavin was not too thrilled to be on stage and wanted nothing to do with singing. I didn't have high hopes for this time around to be any different, but he totally surprised me!

 Oh how he loves Ms. Chrissy
 Big bro was proud of him....and also happy that, he too, got a sucker.
 He is growing up so fast!
 The day after that was the Pre-k class graduation. They all dressed up and wore caps and gowns. It was so sweet.

Gavin was proud of him

 Eith his 2 favorite teachers, Ms. Chrissy and Ms. Allison

 Us with our little grad
 Both Grandma's and Grandpa's came to watch too.
What a nice ending to an awesome 2 years!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I still have so much blogging to catch up on! So, at the end of last month, Joel decided it was time to work with Gavin again on riding his bike without training wheels. We started last fall, and it did not go over very well....he just was not ready or interested, much to Joel's dismay :)

But, after some reassurance and encouragement, my brave little 3 1/2 year old was ready to try again!

Since we were all about bike riding at our house, we also decided to finally give Kaden an upgrade. He has been riding his $10 garage sale bike for almost 2 years, so Joel took him to pick out a bigger new bike more his size.

He loves it!

While they were at the store picking out a new bike, Zoey thought it was about time she had her own helmet. She had been trying to put on the boys' helmet for months. She loves it!

Safety first!

And now, Gavin's training wheels come off!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

football star

I am long overdue at posting about my little football star. He is doing so good, and loves every practice and game. His first game was about a month ago, and his team was trampled. We scored no points and the other team got multiple touchdowns. Thankfully, it didn't seem to bother Kaden too much. His last game was a couple weeks ago and his team finally seemed to work together. As a result, they did awesome!! Here is just one of my favorite plays (there were many...he played the whole game!) from the game. Kaden's team is in blue, and he is the QB, #13.

I am so proud of him!!