Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza!

We started off the celebration with Dunkin Donuts in our jammers!
 Kaden was happy to help his brother celebrate
 I don't think Z minded too much either!

Once Joel got home from work we could begin opening presents!
 Gavin loves basketball, and now he can play in his room!

 Kaden used his own money to buy him a couple presents from the dollar store!
 We gave him our  present...a new scooter! He had a 3 wheel scooter before, and he has graduated to a two wheeler!

Since his bday was on a Saturday, we had his party on his actual birthday. We celebrated by inviting some friends to Jumpstreet!

 Gavin and JJ....these two really love hanging out!
 down the slides! Check out Z at the top ready to go next!
 cousin Hannah and Zo Zo
 Birthday boy
 Birthday friends!
 Gavin wanted a Cars cake....this time I let Sam's club do the honors :)

 The cake was a hit!

He had so much fun! He wasn't done though, later on that evening we celebrated with Grandparents and cousins! Those pictures are on my sisters's camera, though! ( I may have left my camera at jumpstreet, thankfully we got it back!)

The kids didn't make it into bed until almost 9:30 but they had a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's hard too believe but Kaden is officially a Kindergartener! He actually started almost 3 weeks ago, because his school is the modified year round schedule. We got the call in early July that he got in to Edu-Prize ( the charter we were hoping for) and we were thrilled. We weren't ready to send him to full day Kinder yet, so we were so happy to find out there was a spot in the afternoon class. He goes everyday from 1:15 -3:45 and he loves it! By 10am every morning he is usually asking "is it time to go to school yet????" His teacher's name is Mrs. Nisbet, and I love her. She is very sweet and patient! He has already learned so much, and I am so glad the he is at Edu-Prize.

Here are a few pics from his first day of school!!

 Look at that smile! He is growing his hair out, and is very particular about it these days (can we say Justin Beiber??)
 Proud brother
 sportin his new  superheros back pack

Lined up and ready to go...look how much taller he is.

He was soooo ready - just waved goodbye and and see ya later!
Love you buddy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guess who's 4????

This sweet boy!!!

Oh Gavin, how I love you! You are such the middle child, and you have the perfect personality for it. You are kind, and sweet, and loving, and a little more sensitive than your siblings. You love everything that has to do with cars and trucks, and you love love love when I read you stories.....way more than watching tv (which most of the time, I love - but sometimes....).  Your favorite restaurants are "old Mcdonalds" and the QT. Your favorite food groups are icees and candy and corndogs....a boy after my own heart.  You are a little bit of a Mama's boy, but you still love to wrestle with Dad. You love it when I rub your belly at bedtime, and when your not tired you get up and find ailments to complain about (mom, there is something poking in my arm, I'm trying to go to sleep but it keeps poking me!). You are so darn cute when you do it, I can't even get mad at you!
You are witty, and say things that crack me up all. the. time. You are smart too! You will be starting pre-k soon, and you love to do your letters and sounds. You have a little fettish with numbers too....You are always making up your own age, and the age of others...I think last week I was 99...I have obviously aged well! You can already count to 50 by yourself and this year we took your training wheels off and you learned to ride your Quad really well.
You are officially turning into a big boy....I keep asking you to stop but you just don't listen!
I am excited to see what this next year holds for you, and I am thankful everyday that God gave you to us.

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!