Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random summer pics...

These pics sum up our summer thus far.....enjoy!

The boys camped in the living room
Checking out a cool motorcycle

We took the Lightrail for the first time

Kade calls it a train, and really liked it!

Lots of you think there is a weight capacity on that thing?

Kade mowed the lawn with the real mower

Gavin did some important reading....
and the boys kept safety first during breakfast.
Fun Stuff :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of school!

Well my baby is officially a big boy now....yesterday Kade started his first day of preschool. He was so excited and has been asking about it since last week at his open house. He has done some classes through the city, so the concept was not totally new to him, but now he goes for 2 1/2 hours, 2 days a week.
Here he is ready for his first day:

When we got there he didn't even wait for me, just started walking up to school....

Look at this excited!

He went right in and found some toys....I don't think he even gave it a second thought when he left. I am glad he is not scared, but a big hug and a 'goodbye mom' wouln't have hurt either. That's ok, I got big hugs and smiles when I picked him up:)

Meanwhile, Gavin and I ran errands and hung out without any was glorious. I think they appreciated each other more the rest of the day too! Tuesday's and Thursday's are my new favorite days!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

our new addition

We have been looking for a play set for the back yard for awhile now, and most of the ones we like we cannot afford new, so Craigslist is where we always turn first! We have found a few, decently priced, but still between 300-500 bucks so we had pretty much figured it would have to wait until Christmas. Then the other day Joel showed me one he found for $80 bucks, with everything we wanted on it. We decided to snatch it up now instead of waiting till Christmas for something else.

When Joel got there, he said it was in really poor shape, all the wood was damaged and old, and not really safe anymore. But he said all the play components were in good enough shape so he gave them $60 bucks and got the slide, swings, pole, ladder, and rope climbing wall! Not bad, huh.

Well, if you know Joel you know he is not very patient and couldn't wait to start his new project! So within 3 days, and 2 trips to Lowe's later, here is our new addition to our back yard:

Joel did this by himself! I am so proud of him:) we will fill the bottom part under the slide with sand so they have a sandbox too!

Kade looooves the new slide:)

On his rope wall

Gavin likes it too!

look at this little monkey in the tree!
There is still more to do, I think it will be a condo with all of Joel's aspirations for the project! But for now, it is great and our back yard is really coming along. Now all that is left to get is a pool.....I can't seem to find one on Craigslist, though. Oh well!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Extravaganza!

We had a little birthday party for Gavin on Saturday now that he is the big TWO! Some friends and family came over to help us celebrate, and since it was a fairly mild day for August we started off with some water games in the back yard!

Dominic was a pro on the slip n slide.

Kinley thought the sprinklers were like a drinking fountain!

'baby' Kit struttin his stuff!

Gavin loved the slip n slide too!Some of the adults stayed cool inside while being entertained by cute little Anna!

Then it was time for lunch!

The kids discussed some important business....Jackson enjoyed his peas as an alternative to hot dogs and chips! After everyone was done eating I found Mr. Gavin drinking left over juice boxes and grazing on left behind plates! What a little Chunker:)

The theme of Gavin's party this year was firetrucks, and since we have a little experience in that department, we decided to do a fun Fire themed game with a special visitor:

Anyone know who that is???????

We set up a obstacle course for them. First they had to pull a tire.

Then we sprayed water at the fire.

And lastly they had to throw water balloons at the burning building!

Gavin didn't want to do anything other than the waterballoons!

Next, we dried off and opened presents!
Gavin got some really cool stuff!

Then to Cake time!!!!!

I bought the wilton Firetruck pan and made this myself....I was pretty pleased with the out come!
I think it is safe to say that Gavin enjoyed his cake!Hannah ahd some practice with cake too....her birthday is only a month away!This is what most of the adults did once everything was all done!!!

Thank you to all of the family and friends that helped us celebrate! We love you all:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My baby is TWO!

It is hard to believe it, but two years ago today Joel and I left for the hospital at about 1 am for my scheduled induction. Gavin apparently wasn't ready at 41 weeks, but we were so we made an executive decision to get him the heck out! We did what any normal couple would do, and stopped at the QT on the way to the hospital to get snacks and candy. We learned the first time that once you get there you can't have anything to eat (kade wasn't born till 12 hours after I checked in) and I wasn't taking any chances this time.
Gavin made his entry into the world at around 10:30am and life has been better ever since. I never thought I could love a child as much as I already loved Kade but apparently it is possible.
I am not gonna lie, his first 8 months were a little rocky, and he really didn't become "fun" until he was eating real food and crawling around. He was just so different than Kade and though I tried not to compare them I could not help myself. And oh what a difference a year makes. Last year Gavin still was not walking (not until 15 months!) and he was afraid of most of the things that Kade loved at an early age. Going down the slide was unheard of, and forget about jumping or running or climbing anything. He didn't really even like when Joel threw him up in the air. the ripe age of two I am amazed daily by how smart, funny, goofy, loveable, and sweet this kid is.
To my sweet Gavin:
You wake up daily with a smile on your face and say "mornin' mommy" followed by "milk please." You call all types of fruit 'berries', and love to eat just about anything. You could drink a half gallon of milk daily if I let you, and if it were up to you probably about ten otter pops too. You talk to yourself when you play, and then laugh like you just told yourself a joke. You have been taking directions like a champ since you were about 18 months old, and now usually put your shoes away or put your plate in the sink without even being told. You also put your diapers in the trash for me, which I dearly appreciate.
You don't like being told NO (who does really?) and if you get a time out you immediately start repeating "sorry mommy" with the most sad look on your face. You have a love/hate relationship with your brother, and are very aware of everything that he does. If you don't see him you ask "brother go?" in the most sweet voice. You love your daddy so sweetly and think that every firetruck/station you see has daddy in it.

I cannot believe how many words you have and how well you speak already. While writing this you just went up to the t.v. and pointed and said "Pretty Girl!" You like to run up and grab my leg and yell "hike" and then say "wrestle mommy." You call all birds 'ducks' and everything that looks like a gun a 'shooter.' When I get you ready for the bath you point at yourself and say "Gavin naked!" and then proceed to run away from me down the hall laughing and throwing yourself on the couch.
Your not a big fan of bed time, but once I do get you in bed you love it when I read you "Goodnight Moon" and sing "jesus loves me." Usually, when I am finished you say "Jesus love me again mom!" and then ask me to sing "tinkle tinkle" (twinkle twinkle) after that.
You have the most kissable cheeks ever, and the most gorgeous blue eyes. I love your big belly and your tiny feet. You are as tall as most 3 year olds, and as smart too! You finally have all your teeth, and have one of the cutest smiles ever.

I love to give you hugs and kisses and love that you like to give them back. And though I am excited to bring your sister into the world, I am a little saddened that I will no longer have a baby boy in the house.
Thank you, my chunky monkey, for making my world better! Happy Birthday, I love you to pieces!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well we have been working on Zoey's room, so here is a little sneak peak. It is mostly done now and I am quite pleased with Joel and my handywork:

On her door. I just got the letter and ribbon from Michael's and then painted it and tied the bow. Not bad!

I had already painted the room pink and brown, and this weekend Joel put the Chair Rail up for me. He did such a good job!
Putting together the crib. (this is a fake smile, he was so frusterated when I took this! What a good sport though)

These are the curtain's I made (with the help of my good friend Kristin!) to cover the closet, since I took the ugly doors off.
I had some fabric left over so I made this curtain for the window. I am not a very avid sewer and I am quite proud of my creation!!

And the beautiful finished product with my favorite part of the whole room! Thank you again Kristi for her name. It looks soooo good!