Saturday, July 31, 2010

new creation

so its been awhile since I made anything, mostly because if I 'm not in the "sewing mood" then it doesn't turn out right. I was inspired by Jen's romper that she made so this is my first attempt at making one for Zoey! I use a romper I had from target as my template:

I just kind of eyeballed everything, and I have never done legs before, but thankfully making stuff for a baby is pretty forgiving! Here's how it turned out:

It doesn't look as good here as it does on her.(pardon the dark marks, I had just tried it on her and she drooled!)

Not bad eh? When I try again, I will put the waist a little lower on the hips, and lengthen the torso so there is more loose fabric on the top.

And, as an extra bonus, the below pictures are proof that my daughter is part puppy dog....that tongue is ALWAYS hanging out!!!
love this girl!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to real time....

I still have one more post about vacation,  but who knows if and when I will ever get to it. In the mean time, I thought I should update the recent happenings around here.

Zoey is finally starting to crawl for real, and she also added clapping to her tricks also. Check out this gorgeous girl:

The boys are obviously very camera shy, because this is what followed:

Starved for attention, poor kids!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Days 4 and and museums!

The very first night we were there, I slept horribly. Zoey was in our room and I could hear every move she made, her breathing, etc. It didn't help that we unknowingly put her crib under a vent and she woke up twice as cold as could be. We were going to try to put her out in the living room area, but then that meant the boys would probably wake her up when they cam out of her room. Then we were going to put her in the boys room, and have boys sleep on couch, but then I was worried I wouldn't hear her if she was crying. So then I had a grand idea:

Can you find her?....It's kind of like where's waldo.

There she is....that's right, in the closet! I promise you she LOVED it in there, and I never closed the door all the way. Please don't call CPS on me....

The day after Legoland we spent the day at the pool, just relaxing and getting sun. We were going to drive to the beach the next day but our car was acting up a bit, and Joel really didn't want to drive 2 hours each way. So, we found some neat stuff to do around palm springs.
First up, the dinosaurs:

Ever passed these on the way in from california. We had stopped before, but never knew they had a whole museum of them. This time we actually went in and checked them all out!

The boys love dinosaurs!

Inside the mouth of the big T-rex
It was really windy out that day, and we decided to save 8 bucks on admission by me not going in. So this is what Zoey and I did while the boys were looking at dinosaurs. She is a natural!

Next up....the outlets! I had saved up my $$ to by my favorite Seven jeans. I love them, and may have worn them the remainder of the trip. Also, Joel surprised me with an early anniversary present by letting me get this:

Isn't She beautiful!! I am in love....

On Day 5, we found a Children's Museum about 45 minutes away

Ready to do some expoloring!
They had a part where you could paint a real car!

Dress Dr. Anderson

Cowboy Anderson

Mr. Joe Cool

Next up, make your own pizza

A little motorcycle riding too!

We finished the day at Ruby's Diner making fancy cars
Our little princess had a fun day too ( look at how tan she is here!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 3...the 4th of July

Since we started planning this trip, we decided we were going to do Legoland instead of Disneyland, because it was much cooler in Carlsbad than in Anaheim in July, plus tickets to Legoland were cheaper. I was able to get a ticket for Kaden off Craigslist, and I got a B1G1 free coupon off ebay so we were going to be able to go for pretty cheap. It was a 2 hour drive from where we were and while driving Cathy called and said her friend was in Carlsbad, and was trying to get rid of their tickets to Legoland because they decided not to go. We were able to meet up with them and she sold us her 2nd day for super cheap. When it was all said and done we were able to take a family of 5 to legoland, eat, and buy suveniers for $80!!! Awesome!

Our family minus the camera man. We needed our jackets most of the day, it was chilly!
Zoey decided not to nap in the car so she was not having the stroller. Good thing we brought this!

Kade before the first Roller Coaster....Joel wasted no time and took him on the car roller coaster first!

The boys and I waisted no time and took on the pirate ships
Kaden kept trying to spray Joel

I was so suprised Gavin went on this big slide...he is much more reserved than Kaden but he wanted to go on just about everything!
Joel got Gavin onto the Dragon Coaster by fibbing a little on his height...he may have been on his tippy toes when they measured him! He LOVED it...I totally thought he was going to freak out, but nope:)
Kaden wasn't tall enough to go on his own, and there were only 2 people allowed per car, so this nice lady said she would sit with Kade so he could go at the same time as Gavin!
Zo FINALLY fell asleep while the big boys were riding the Dragon.

Kaden liked these cars, but told me they weren't fast enough.

Gavin didn't mind the speed, but he thought they were bumper cars..oops :)

Our Crazy Lion

Zo Zo woke up and had fun being toted around by daddy.

Kaden: "Mom this train is made out of Legos!"
your a sharp one buddy!
After dinner we had some time to kill before the fireworks started so we went to Sealife Aquarium. Those are some big jaws!
Kaden compared just about everything he saw to something in Finding Nemo

Hey, how'd they get in there?

Time for fireworks...some light up swords were in order!

Watching the fireworks show. It was pretty short, but perfect because we had been there all day and we were pretty wiped out!

The kids had a blast, see:
All three kids asleep before we left the parking lot!

Joel was a little tired too!

It was a great 4th!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation Fun....part 1

For Christmas this past year Joel's parents gave us a trade out in their time share. We decided we wanted to use it for our family vacation this summer. We new we had to go somewhere close enough to drive, so we figured we would go to California. We couldn't find anything in Southern Cal, so we booked a week in Palm Springs and left town last Friday!

We caught lunch at Chik-fil-a on the way out of town. Look at how cute these boys are asking for ice cream!

It was a long drive, and we did not arrive at the hotel until about 7pm. The kids never really got a good nap in the car so we pretty much went to bed when we got there. The suite was really nice and the boys had their own room, which was really nice for us! They liked having their own tv :)
The next morning we got up and this was the view from our patio! It was great:)

I think these two were a little excited!
"can we puh-leeeeze go down to the pool now?"

Breakfast anyone?

Zoey looked preety snazzy in her suit too!

Kade wasn't tall enough for the big slide, but he went down this one probably 100 times!

Later that day we went into Downtown Palm Springs to check it out.
These boys had fun posing for pics

He is Superman, ya know!

We asked Kaden to take a picture of us! I think this is the only picture of us together the whole trip...

Much more to come....Day 3....the 4th of July at Legoland!!!