Monday, May 31, 2010

30th b-day fun!

So this year was the big 3-0 for me....and while Joel and I already celebrated earlier this month with a vacation without the kids, I was not done celebrating. My birthday is at the end of the month, and really, I think one should get the whole month to celebrate....especially a decade brithday like 30! So, when Cathy, and Kim (whose bdays are coming up soon!) suggested a joint b-day celebration, I was totally game. So it was girls night out last Friday, and boy did we have some fun! We went to our new favorite place called "The Living Room" for some happy hour specials:)

The 6 of us: Kim, Heather, Mikele, Kristi, me and Cathy
The June birthday girls!
Then the fun really began when Fun Kristi introduced me to the Root Beer martini....
We sipped it a little...
And then a little more.... and then proceeded to order about 3 or 4 more!
Then it was time to open our cards. Cathy's took the prize on my favorite.
I think it is a good look for me, though the spacing isn't quite right!
We got a little crazy shaking our tassles!
Appletini Time!! The night just got better and better:)

The tassles made their way around the table

So did the appletini's

We thought we would share a drink....

Until someone made me laugh and I breathed out spit about half of it in her face! oops

Good thing she still loves me:)

Kristi was apparently in need of the tassles here!

But we made do with hanging spoons on our noses instead

and posing with forks

And finished off with a yummy dessert!
I had the most wonderful time ladies, thank you so much welcoming me into the 30's club!!
I love you all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Water fun with Dad

I took Kade on a mommy/son date so Joel took the two little ones over to Gramma's for some pool fun. So far, Zoey has loved the bath and the baby pool at the gym, so Joel wanted to see if she liked it in the big water. Joel likes to do tricks with the kids (that mom can't do, of course) so he wanted to see if Zoey would comply or if whe would be too scared. I think she liked it!We have a picture like this with Kaden too! Gavin would never lock his legs out, he is a lot more cautious than the other two.
This is what Gavin wanted to do, this is his version of "swimming"

Joel made him get on the noodles and atleast practice his kicking. He wasn't too thrilled though! Swimming lessons should be lots of fun this year....

Ta Da!!! Look at all those rolls:) I love it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye school, hello summer!

Kade's last day of school was this past Tuesday. They had a little program and potlock for all the kids and their families and the boys were very excited. Kade is quite the performer, and Gavin was just happy to watch his big brother!

They look so handsome, I love this picture of the two of them
Joel took the opportunity to give Zoey girl her own little photo shoot. (Ilove this pic I just wish he would have taken the bib off!)

Kade was very excited to see us as he walked in. Both sets of grandparents were there too.
prayer time with pastor Bill. They love Pastor!

Kade kept doing this through all the songs....nervous habit maybe?

He's not alone though, check out Miles on the far left, and the little girl to his right!

He really loved his teachers Miss Allison and Miss Chrissy.
We are so proud of him! He learned so much this year:) Best buds

Our attempt at a family picture.

Kade in action....enjoy!
Summer has officially started now!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

welcome home....

Our last day in paradise was spent by the pool until we had to check out. We had a long day of flying ahead of us, and though we were not looking forward to it, we were so anxious to get home to our babies!

Joel got a little lobster-esque
Leaving Cabo....goodbye vacation!

We didn't get home until after 10:30 at night. We woke the kids up, but they were pretty out of it and went right back to sleep. The next morning I awaked to this wonderful face, so happy we were home:
I had missed that smile so much.

He couldn't wait to give me this that he had made at school:

My Mother's day was a day early, but I loved it!

Then we gave these boys the shirts we had bought them while we were there:
they thought they were pretty cool!

And finally, this munchkin woke up! I had missed this little girl sooo much!

Look at how well Zoey is sitting up. She has two teeth now, and just turned 7 months old.

Her personality is really starting to come out and I think she is going to be quite the little Diva!

So happy to have gone, and now to be home!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day day ever! (excluding wedding and kids' births of course)

So day 3 Joel and I planned to go into downtown Cabo where the marina was (we were actually staying in a sub city of Cabo called San Jose del Cabo, about 20 min. away) for some shopping and a surprise!
So, after breakfast we took a shuttle down to the Marina. There was a cruise ship in that day at one of its ports of call so it was really busy. I had never seen a cruise ship up that close before and it was huge!
These were all the little boats
These pelican type birds were everywhere

At lunch....more mexican food and margaritas, of course!

So this is the whole reason we came down to Marina in the first place, for my birthday present:

Ever since I was little, it has always been my dream to swim with the dolphins. Joel has known that since we started dating, and for my 30th birthday, he made my dream come true!

They were so gentle, and smooth, and loved to be petted.

Kisses for me from Flipper

This was my favorite part. You could choose ride on their back or their belly. The back was the faster of the two so I chose that one. Oh my, they weren't kidding, it was soooo fast. I almost fell off!

Thank you, sweetheart, for the most amazing birthday present ever!

We were beat after that so we went back to the hotel to rest up before dinner
We got back to our room and found this waiting for us....kinda neat, yet a little strange too.

That night there was another show. This one was evolution of dance. Basically dancing from all different genres.

After the show, we went back down to the bar for our last night before having to leave. Joel let loose:

He met a new friend too. I stayed more sober so I could be our designated walker, and make sure we made it back to the room ok!

It was a wonderful last night!