Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CA part 1

Oh the summer has already been so busy. I am clearly behind on blogging - almost a month-but I am skipping my back blogging (b-day, mother's day, swimming lessons, and more) and I am starting with our recent trip to san diego. It was a quick trip, but we had fun and enjoyed the weather!
We rented a car to make the trip up, since our cars are old and we didn't want to brake down on a road trip. So the kids were smashed like sardines in the back of a sedan, but it worked!

 Don't let that smile fool you...Zoey was a little terror! She kept pulling the boys hair, pinching, hitting, grabbing - you  name it. (i think it was her payback to them!)
 Finally asleep, after about 4 hours of craziness in the car!
 After we checked into our hotel we went down to seaport village to walk around
 the three muskateers....for this particular moment at least.
 We found a crab/lobster thingy, so of course we took a picture with it
 And where there is sea life, there are cows?
 The next morning it was time for sea world! Zoey was excited!

 Zoey and Gavin weren't so sure about the "live" Shamu.
Z loved checking out the sting rays, I think this one had his eye on her!
This is one of my favorite pics of the whole trip...I caught the picture at the perfect time! I think Zoey thought it was coming for her!
the girls
Z kept trying to get on rides....as you can see she wasn't quite tall enough :)
checking out the sea lions
Shamu! The boys really loved this show.
Zoey, on the other hand, was busy doing other things.
A ride we could all go on. The Seaworld version of "teacups"
And of course, the boys most favorite part of the trip....the rides!! They went on this one over and over, Joel and I took turns going with them. Kaden was fearless, and I am proud of Gavin for being brave enough to try it. I didn't think he would be tall enough, but he was and he loved it! We stayed until the park closed, it was a great day :)

Stay tuned for beach pics next.....