Sunday, June 28, 2009

Midnight Rendezvous

I awoke at 4 am to hear Kaden whining "mommy, you forgot to leave me a drink." I knew I had, so I got up and went into his bathroom to see what the problem was. Apparently he had gotten up earlier to go to the bathroom, drank his drink, and was so tired he didn't even remember! I calmed him down, told him to go potty, and went to go check that we hadn't woken up Gavin with all the confusion. Only, when I went over to his bed it was empty! I looked over at Kaden's bed and he wasn't there either. I never heard him get up in the middle of the night so I was puzzled. I went out to the living room and this is what I found:

My "little" chunker sprawled out on the couch dead asleep. If you look close, you can see that he grabbed his favorite fire truck book and his dirt bike on the way out to his escape. The Dirt bike was still clutched in his little hand.

I love this kid:)

Monday, June 22, 2009


So I haven't been very motivated to post reason specifically. I have even had some good post-worthy material but it just hasn't happened. Anyhow here are the recent goings on in the Anderson home:

The room sharing is going ok. Falling asleep is good, most of the time middle of the night bathroom breaks happen without the waking of Gavin, but we are still working on the early morning wake-up. When Gavin was in his own room he was sleeping until 7:30 most days. Kade used to wake up a little earlier than 7am but knew hw was not allowed to come out until 7am. Now one of them is almost always up by 6:15 which, in turn, wakes up number two. So I still try to make them stay in their room until 7am, but it is getting a lot more difficult. I had this issure with Kade last summer, he used to wake up at 5:45! But then as soon as summer was over he went back to sleeping until 7am again. So who knows....all I know is it could be worse-that is what I tell myself atleast!

We had a very nice Father's day. We took Joel out to dinner on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning I made a nice Father's day breakfast and we headed to church. We saw great friends after church (Katie I am so glad I finally got to see you while you were visiting) and it was just nice to see the kids play and have fun. We spent the majority of the rest of the day at Joel's parents and swam and ate, and then ate some more. My kind of day!

Today my sister and I took my dad out to lunch and had a very nice time. I am so thankful that all of our dad's are still with us, and that we get to celebrate family.

Wednesday is my next doctors appointment and I am excited to see how things are progressing. I have people every day ask me if I am due next month (which is a whole other post full of rantings) or if I am having more than one. So everytime I go to the doctor I hope they tell me they we wrong about my due date, and I am due in August, or even September. I am not holding my breath but the sooner the better would be nice. I think next time someone asks me if I am due soon, I am going to say yes, and then start faking contractions just to freak them out and make them that mean???

Until next time.....maybe I will even have some pictures ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's official:

Two Boys

One Room

We'll see how tonight goes........

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We've been busy....

So, my nesting has been getting the best of me and I thought it was time to start finishing some projects that we started when we first moved in. Since we have been here almost a year, I figured I better finish up before I get started on Zoey's room, which is my next project!
When we moved in we painted just about everything! The people who lived here before us had no idea what a color pallet was, and we had to do some serious overhaul. We bought all the paint, and it took me about 4 months, but I got most of it done. We (I) painted the living room, office, hallway, Kaden's room, kitchen cabinets, and all of the ugly baseboards. Then the main room left that was in dire need of attention was the master bedroom.....but I was just so sick of painting that I stopped. So, for the last 6 months I have been telling myself that I need to just do it, and two days ago, I finally did. Here are the before's:

That is a nice orange/terricata color, with lovely peach contrast on the wall that leads to the bathroom.

More orange....lovely right?
So I wanted to lighten it up quite a bit. I picked a nice neutral light beige for the main color, and then a grey blue for a contrast color. I really love the beachy/California feel, so that is what I was going for:

So much better, right?

The Bathroom is finally not peach!
We still have an ugly vanity to rip out, need some new hardware for the bathroom, a new door, and some artwork for over the bed, but I had to start with what was cheapest, and would the most drastic change. Words can't describe to you how much nicer it is to walk into that room as apposed to before!
Meanwhile, while I was working on that , Joel was working on his latest projects, converting home videos into movies. He does such a great job, and basically just taught himself how to do it. Now, not only is he working on stuff for us, but he is turning a profit helping other people make movies out of their home footage. So, if your looking for anyone to splice together a home movie or of kids playing, or a birthday party, or anything really, he can do it for ya for super cheap compared to the "professionals."
Check out this one he put together last night of our crazy boys: