Monday, November 15, 2010


 Beware all you villians...spidergirl is on the prowl!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baseball Boy!

Kaden started baseball last month, but with school, fall break, 2 birthdays, and Halloween, I haven't had a chance to blog it yet!! We signed him up through NYS for Coach pitch. He practices once a week and has "games" (everyone hits the ball, everyone runs the bases) on Saturdays. He really likes it. I think more than anything he likes his little friend Ella who is on his team. She is the only girl and super cute. Second to that I think he loves his much for hitting and catching the ball, right!!!

 Waiting his turn to be up at bat.
 In the outfield, ready to catch some fly balls

 Swinging' that bat...he has a pretty good swing, too!

Running to home plate!
What a handsome boy...he looks to old already!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween was more like a 3-day weekend around our house! On Thursday, Gavin had his party at school, and got to wear his costume to school. He saw this costume in the store and told me he wanted to be the "dirtbike guy" (aka, motocross driver.) Too bad for him, everybody thought it was nascar...oh well!

 Brotherly love before the trunk or treat
 walking out to get their loot!
 The whole class with Miss Chrissy, his teacher
 On Friday, it was Kaden's class party! Thankfuly Spiderman was there to make sure no wrong-doing went on!
 Trunk or Treat
 Buddies, Joshua, Miles and Kade!(ironman, karate kid, and spiderman)

The kids were so excited for Sunday....they tried to put their costumes on several time throughout the day!
 Finally! Time to get ready:)
 Zoey was my spunky ballerina! I was gonna go with the traditiona; pink tutu, but then I had these tights that I couldn't pass up so I amde her this black and white tutu instead. She looked awesome!
 I also really enjoyed her little waddle from the back!

Joel did a little dress up too...I think he is a little too convincing as a junkie....should I be worried?

 Last year we were invited to T or T with some friends that have a chili potluck in their neigobrhood, and we went again this year too. So it was off to Pleasentville (Agritopia) for the night!
 Zoey was ready!
 So were the boys!
 The boys liked the "vacant" houses where they got to pick out their own loot!
 Zo started to get a little antsy....nothing that a sucker won't solve, though!

Our Family!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!