Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas fun

Ok, so every year the boys and I make gingerbread houses before Christmas. As soon as they were on break it was time for the festivities to begin! I had the grand idea that we were going to make them from scratch this year, but I chickened out and just but the pre-made kits....maybe next year!

 Our candy bowls
 The boys are ready!
 I put the base together for them and then let them do the rest!
 They were deep in concentration
 When Gavin is really focused his little tongue always slips out :)
 They may  have taken a break to eat "1 or 2" pieces
 Happy boys with their creations!

 Kaden's house
Gavin's house

They were fun to pick off of the rest of the day too!

Monday, December 26, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas

It's that time of year again....time for Christmas programs!  We have gone through 2 with Kaden, and now this is Gavin's 2nd go around and he is finally a pro!
So Handsome! I made the boys matching tie shirts for Christmas pics this year.

 He was SO excited to see us in the audience, and he just beamed! This is night and day compared to last year. Last year he didn't even want to go, and then just stood up there and didn't say a word. This year, he was ready!!
Praying during pastor time.

I tried 6 times to post the video of his "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" rendition and tupid blogger wouln't cooperate. Trust me when I say it was wonderful!

 Kaden was proud of his little brother!
 with the Grandparents! So proud of you buddy!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

 It just seems to get busier and busier around here!
 Last week wrapped up Kaden's second season of Football. He did so well this year. He played Quarterback most of the time, but then ended up playing lots of Defense too because he is such an awesome tackler! He played every game like an animal, and only suffered one bloody lip, and knocked one tooth loose! The last game was against a team we had already tied with once in the season, so we really wanted to beat them. 

love his face under that big helmet.
With his teammate, Josh
This past week was rainy and freezing (for AZ), so we had to be bundled up for our 8am game!

Gramma came to almost all his games, which really helped because Zo Zo needed to be watched!

Since it was the last game we decided to try a pass play we had worked on all season. Kaden was one of the only kids that could catch the ball. Can you see the ball in the air? (just in front of the guys head in the white shirt)
He caught it!!!! The only pass play the whole season!!!!!

Look at him run for the touchdown!

SO proud of him!
Great season, buddy!

Immediately after his last game we had to go pack because we were driving to Tucson for me big race! I started training in September for the Tucson Marathon, in hopes to beat my best time, and possibly qualify for the Boston Marathon. I felt so good and ready, and then 3 days earlier this happened:

awesome. pretty sure it was broken, or at least badly sprained. This should make my marathon interesting. (don't judge me for my nasty toenails.)
Off I toe hurt like hell, but what do you do? I had put so much time into training, no stopping now.

Love this pic joel got with our shadows on the street.

saying hi to the kids
The kids entertained themselves while they were waiting for me, they were good little cheerleaders!
 Zoey didn't like that I didn't stop...she did this everytime I ran by. poor girl.
 Gavin wasn't feeling well but he was a good sport!
 At mile 19, my toe is finally numb, but my knee and stomach were killing me.
 I was on track to run a 3:34 (which would have qualified me) but the last 6 miles I just lost it. Just wasn't my year, I guess. Since I knew I wasn't going to qualify, I stopped right before the Finish and grabbed the kids so they could finish with me.
 Poor Zoey kept slipping
Finished. Exhausted. Sore. 3:42 was time.
It was my best time ever, and I finished 9th in my age group. I was still a little disappointed, but overall  glad it was done!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

too long!

Soo, Thanksgiving came and went, and I have very little documentation of it! oops. Things are crazy busy around here, and I am beginning to submit to the fact that it will only get busier in the days to come...shoot! Oh well.  In other news, santa came early this year and we got a fancy new camera that I have been having so much fun with. There is sooooo much to learn, but I can't wait till I sort of know what I am doing!

Now, hopefully once the kids are on break I can get some cool footage of Christmas cookie decorating, Gingerbread House making, and other fun things that free time will bring!