Friday, January 28, 2011

Girlfriend has moves......

OH my sweet Zo Zo....already 15 months and so stinkin cute. I swear just in the last few weeks she has totally grown up. She is babbling so much more, points to everything, and understands a LOT!

 I discovered a couple days  ago that we can finally fit her hair into pig tails.....I am in love with her chunky cheeks and pig tails! Sometimes I just want to take a bite of  her! ( but I won't)
This girl also loves her pink football and loves to run and throw herself on Gavin's bed with it and then yell. I forsee a little PowderPuff in her future!

She has also discovered music and likes to shake her little tushy! If she is in the car and can't move her hips, then she moves her shoulders and head around instead. I think there is a constant beat going on in her head sometimes!

 Here's a little taste of her "moves"(she doesn't do it right away so be patient!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

I got a few things checked off my list...

Last year I made a "little" New Year's Resolution list, so as 2010 came to an end, I decided to check back through and see how I did. I checked off a few right off the bat, #'s12, 18, 19-done! I still need work on quite a few others, but this week, I was able to check off #11. Now, I realize that technically I didn't complete this in 2010. BUT, I did do all my training for it in 2010 so I think it counts :)

My Dad dropped me off at the start so I wouldn't have to drive home at the end. I told Joel to come cheer me on at about the half way point .
 Here's Gavin waiting for me to run by!
 at mile 14, and still feeling pretty good.
 It was so nice to have my babies there!

at mile 20 (but Kaden was more interested in introducing me to his new friend!)

Unfortunately, Joel got caught in traffic after mile 20, and he didn't make it to the finish line in time. I was so bummed...I was planning to run accross the finish line with the kids. But, on a good note, I felt awesome during my race, definately my best marathon EVER! And, it had been 6 years since the last time I ran a full marathon so I did not have high expectations.

 When I finally met up with the kids
 My finishing medal! My time was 3:47
If you were wondering where Zo Zo was through all of this, she was there too. but Joel was holding her most of the time, and when I finished she had fallen asleep in the car. This was her wake up "do" when we got home!! I love this girl :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Crazy Kid

I don't know why his dare-devil ways still surprise me...I blame Joel for teaching him this!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation Recap

What a busy two weeks we have had!! We had a great Christmas, and are now trying to get used to going back to school and being on a schedule! Here's a little bit of our Christmas celebration:

We started Christmas Eve by celebrating with my family:
I made Zoey and Hannah little matching outfits...they were so cute!

Grandma and Grandpa always go a little overboard with the presents!

This Christmas moose, er reindeer, or whatever it was, was a big hit with the kids.

 Hannah loved it too!
 My sister got my brother in law and Joel matching "Christmas Sweater" shirts.
Zoey started getting tired but was nice and cozy in Grandpa's lap!

Zoey got her very own pink chair! It looks so cute in her room.

Our Family

After we napped, we went to church and came home to get ready for Christmas night. We read about Jesus birth, and then got to open our Christmas Jammers so we could wear them to bed.

 the boys
Me and sis

 the boys and dad

It took a while for Gavin to fall asleep, but finally he did and us parents actually got to bed at a decent hour. Kaden got up first Christmas morning when he heard us making coffee. He was so excited!
 look at that face!
 Gavin was a little more tired....
 This is Kaden's favorite "show" on Christmas morning. He always asks to 'watch the fireplace' :)
 the boys reading their letter from Santa
 All three kidos. We woke Zoey up to do presents...she wasn't too thrilled about that.
 she did love her baby doll in her stocking though....
 Kade loves his new lunch box and wants to bring his lunch everywhere.
 a new shooter!!
 All Gavin asked for this Christmas was a trash truck....go fugure. My parents bought him Stinky, and we bought him the little one. He was happy!
 Santa brought both of them a new drum set.
 Kaden is already practing...he loves it!
Zoey enjoyed playing with the boys new power tools 1st!

It was a great morning! Later that afternoon, we went over to Joel's parents and celebrated once again...but I didn't take many pics, unfortunately. the kids were spoiled rotten, and it was a wonderful couple of days.

Later on in the week we decided to take a spur of the moment trip up to Flagstaff to play in all the snow that had just fallen. Zoey managed to stay awak the whole way up....until about 15 minutes before we got to the sledding place.

 she spent the first hour of sledding in the car sleeping!
 Kaden and Gavin are ready to go!
 Gavin and I did some hills together
Kade had a blast, and went on a number of hills alone, and also went on some pretty big ones with Joel. 
 Joel took Zo Zo down the bunny hill
Gavin went down a couple hills and then complained of how cold he was. He spent the rest fo our time doing this....and was perfectly content playing in the car! 
 Zoey in her snow gear..she looked sooooo cute!
Gavin must have really played hard in the car because this is what he did on the way home. 
We stopped for dinner on the way home and look who woke up! A little bed head, anyone?

Now, back to school, schedules, and routines....that is until summer vacation starts!