Tuesday, April 27, 2010

recent one-liners

***A couple days ago the boys were sitting at the table drawing on their dry-erase boards. Kaden told me he was drawing dinosaurs. Then he said: "mom, I am going to make a girl dinosaur. I am going to give her big boobies just like yours!" Oh, if he only knew how little they truly are. But thanks bud, for making me feel good about my size A's.

***The Plague hit our house Saturday night. Kaden covered his bed with vomit first, then a couple hours later Gavin awoke with sour stomach and had his head stuck in the toilet as well. After two baths, 3 changes of pajamas and LOTS of clean up, I finally got the boys back in their beds. I gave them each a bowl, in case they had to throw up and told them to MAKE SURE TO GET IT IN THE BOWL! About 20 minutes later I hear the pitter patter of little feet and what do I find but little Gavin walking down the hallway with his bowl full of vomit, proudly stating: "I maked it in the bowl, Mom!!" Thanks dude, who knew a statement about something so gross could also be so priceless and sweet:)

***We were at San Tan mall today and the boys were playing around with all the little fountains they have there. Kaden was hanging out with Joel by one of them, then he ran over to me at the table and said: "Hey mom. We can't drink the water in those fountains, cuz they are full of freckles that would make us sick!" Ummm, I am pretty sure he meant chemicals, but I bet freckles wouldn't tatste good either:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Better late than never....

So I realize that Spring Break was over a month ago, but I am just now getting to post the projects that Joel and completed. Up first, repaint the kitchen! This is what it was:

pale yellow that looked much better on the sample than the wall.
this is what it is now:
I believe it was called "oatmeal." It really warms up the kitchen and I love it!

Up next: sewing project. My super crafty friend Kristin made me this when Zoey was born:

She was kind enough to show me how and I came up with these:

not bad for my first try! I have made 4 more since the picture was taken:)

Then it was time for Joel's project. The kids' bathroom was horrible. Old tile, ugly vanity, nasty toilet. So Joel ripped everything but the bathtub out:

This is our new tile:

Almost done: finishing up last touches


Joel did such a great job! The Wayne's coating is my favorite(is it really named after someone named Wayne???).

Now we can check these projects off our never-ending list!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter week in recap!

We started our easter celebration on Thursday by having friends over to play and decorate easter eggs!

These boys are waiting for lunch...they both wanted to sit by Miles so it was nice a cozy:)
Kate joined us after piano lesson and Mikele helped the kids get started

looking pretty good

Gavin is focused on coloring those eggs

The kids were pleased with their creations.
Then, on Saturday the boys and I worked on some more Easter goodies. First we made some Easter cupcakes.

Gavin was literally drooking over all the candy. Nice.

With just a little bit of food coloring and the right toppings we created....

These cute little easter basket cakes

and easter bunny cakes. Yummm!
Later on that day we made resurrection rolls. The boys had some much fun dipping "Jesus" in the butter and covering the "tomb." They turned out great (thanks Mikele!) I may have had more than one....but I was really just making sure that he was gone from every tomb!

On to Easter morning!

the boys checking out their loot!

Then, Grandma and Grandpa came over to go with us to church

The boys were nice a cozy with Grandpa in the back while we caravaned over

Us girls before church. ( I don't know if you can tell by the picture but Zoey's skirt matches my dress. I got this material at GoOdwill for $1 and spent most of Saturday making this dress and a matching skirt for Zoey. Not bad...Easter attire for $1)

Our family....it was beautiful outside and quite bright out too!

With Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma bought these sweet plaid outfits for the boys for Easter. The looked so handsome!

You can see little miss Zo Zo's outfit a little better here
After a wonderful church service, we came back to our house. My sisters family joined us, as well as Joel's family. We started off with an Easter egg hunt. We Hid almost 100 eggs and then let the kids loose!

Hey what's that?

Jamie spots some in the rocks

Little miss Hannah was on the look out too!

Gavin was quite pleased with his findings!

"quit taking my picture mom, I am trying to find more eggs!"

Cole took the slide down after grabbing some eggs

Robyn and I....we matched quite nice, though not planned!

Zoey didn't get easter candy, but she sure is enjoying this biscuit Aunt Robyn brought for her!

Whew, what a long, sugar filled day!

My sentimants exactly!!