Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Too much to post over these last 2 weeks, but here is the reader's digest version of our recent happenings.....

We got our Christmas tree and the kids helped me decorate it.
We made our annual trip to Bass Pro where we found this jolly old man. Zoey screamed bloody murder but the joys enjoyed talking to Santa. Pictures are FREE here, which is my favorite part!
We always like to play around with the merchandis when we are there - here is Davey Crocket himself
Miss crocket
I forsee a red ryder BB gun in her future!
Cowboy Gavin in his flip flops - we need to get him some cowboy boots, I think!

Last week we played hookie from school so we could go to the zoo with no crowds (my husband doesn't "do" crowds very well). It was wonderful!! there were like 2 people there and no lines. Plus, the kids really wanted to try the new Polar slide they have this year. I t is really cool - basically a fake hill of snow that you can go tubing down. And since there is no snow here......
Kaden, walking his intertube up the stairs
down he goes!
he loved it!!
Gavin was a little scared, but I talked him into going tandem with me....he loved it too :)
A rare moment when all three of these crazies are looking at the camera at the same time!
The boys tackled a spider web

And it wouldn't be AZ without a cactus slide of course!

Last week was the final week of preschool for the boys and we had 2 Christmas programs this year. Gavin's was first.
Zoey made sure the stage was all warmed up for the kids.
Gavin looked super excited when he came out! So happy to see all of his family there for him!
I prepped him all week for his performance "Gavin, don't be nervous, your gonna sing for mommy - right?" I obviously did not prep him enough.
Who needs to sing when you can just stand there and make funny faces!
After Gavin's performance, we found a field full of leaves to play in :)
the boys loved throwing them around
Zoey enjoyed them too!

The next day it was Kaden's turn to perform....this guy is a little more outgoing!

Kaden and Miles
Mikele looks pretty snazzy in the Christmas tree hat too.
The kids were happy that both Grandma's were able to come to the performances too.

And lastly, a few days ago while friends were over, we made gingerbread houses - the kids had a blast, although I don't know how they were not in a diabetic coma with all the frosting and candy that was consumed :)
Neomi, Kaden, and Gavin.
Christmas is only 3 days away!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ugly Christmas sweaters...oh yeah!!!

This year we started a new tradition that I hope we continue every year. We had our first annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party! Oh it was so much fun....if you didn't make it this year, I hope you will be able to join us next year....I am already keeping my eye out for ugly sweaters on clearance for next year!!

 Joel was first to get into his Christmas attire....he really got into it too!
 Here is my ugly puppy christmas sweater, courtesy of Savers!
 I couldn't find ugly sweaters for the boys, so just ironed on a Christmas tree and bells!
 Our guests began to arrive....this is Jen's "ugly" sweater. I am pretty sure she can make anything look cute though!
 Some of the rest of the crew (why is this the only pic I have of you Cathy???) You can't see Mikele's very well but she had quaint little angels on her lovely sweater, also courtesy of Saver's!
 Scott and Janelle sporting their finds!
 Joel, Me, Tawnya, and Kolby....T had snowmen, and Kolby rocked the vest!
 Trevor, Tiffany, me and Joel...they worked their ugly sweaters into their Christmas card this was fabulous!
 Adam (with his spray painted sweater) and Heather with her Walmart find!
 All the boys (minus Mike and Kolby )
All the girls (Cathy and Tawnya had already left :( )

Thanks to eveyone who came...we had so much fun! I hope you will join us next year too :)

PS: Mikele took lots of good pics too, please post them or send them to me, pretty please???

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who needs toys....

Ok...Thanksgiving came and went....we gave thanks - twice. It was nice to celebrate with both of our families, but I have very little documentation so I am going to skip the Turkey day post this year...sorry.
Anyhow, I have too many other things I want to post!

Starting, with this lovely girl here....who is now fully walking and into everything!
 What an interesting place to store your children

 She does look nice and cozy in there....
 Look - a souvenir from her travels

She is going to be trouble I just know it...mostly becasue she is soooo cute I can't help but give her what she wants!

Monday, November 15, 2010


 Beware all you villians...spidergirl is on the prowl!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baseball Boy!

Kaden started baseball last month, but with school, fall break, 2 birthdays, and Halloween, I haven't had a chance to blog it yet!! We signed him up through NYS for Coach pitch. He practices once a week and has "games" (everyone hits the ball, everyone runs the bases) on Saturdays. He really likes it. I think more than anything he likes his little friend Ella who is on his team. She is the only girl and super cute. Second to that I think he loves his much for hitting and catching the ball, right!!!

 Waiting his turn to be up at bat.
 In the outfield, ready to catch some fly balls

 Swinging' that bat...he has a pretty good swing, too!

Running to home plate!
What a handsome boy...he looks to old already!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween was more like a 3-day weekend around our house! On Thursday, Gavin had his party at school, and got to wear his costume to school. He saw this costume in the store and told me he wanted to be the "dirtbike guy" (aka, motocross driver.) Too bad for him, everybody thought it was nascar...oh well!

 Brotherly love before the trunk or treat
 walking out to get their loot!
 The whole class with Miss Chrissy, his teacher
 On Friday, it was Kaden's class party! Thankfuly Spiderman was there to make sure no wrong-doing went on!
 Trunk or Treat
 Buddies, Joshua, Miles and Kade!(ironman, karate kid, and spiderman)

The kids were so excited for Sunday....they tried to put their costumes on several time throughout the day!
 Finally! Time to get ready:)
 Zoey was my spunky ballerina! I was gonna go with the traditiona; pink tutu, but then I had these tights that I couldn't pass up so I amde her this black and white tutu instead. She looked awesome!
 I also really enjoyed her little waddle from the back!

Joel did a little dress up too...I think he is a little too convincing as a junkie....should I be worried?

 Last year we were invited to T or T with some friends that have a chili potluck in their neigobrhood, and we went again this year too. So it was off to Pleasentville (Agritopia) for the night!
 Zoey was ready!
 So were the boys!
 The boys liked the "vacant" houses where they got to pick out their own loot!
 Zo started to get a little antsy....nothing that a sucker won't solve, though!

Our Family!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!