Friday, October 30, 2009

Preschool Halloween Fun!!

Kade's class had their preschool Halloween celebration yesterday. It was lots of fun and he had a great good that when he came home he had a meltdown. Too much sugar before noon, I guess!
Anyhow, everyone got to wear their Halloween costumes, and this year Kaden wanted to be a Power Ranger. We left the mask at home, but he wore everything else and looked pretty darn cute! When we arrive, the kids were working on their pumpkin craft:

what a cutie!

Auntie Mikele was on baby duty, since I kind of have my hands full!
(can you believe I have THREE kids! still seems weird to say)
Next it was time for some food, so Gavin stepped in to "help"

They decorated cookies too. Gav put one small dot of frosting ob the cookie and then ate the rest!

What a good lookin bat cookie:)

it tastes good too!
Next, Miss Allison led the class out to the parking lot for some trunk or treating!

our two superheros, aka Miles and Kaden
1st attempt at class picture, not bad. Kade is in the front on the right

Gavin wandered in for this one, I think he thought there was more candy!

Hard to tell, but this is them praying and thanking God for a wonderful day!
Gotta love Christian Preschool:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Fun

We are having so much fun. I love looking at my family and seeing its completeness. Zoey is being such a good baby and the boys love her. I have the best husband, who has been so hands on and so great keeping the boys active and busy while I have been busy with "Zo Zo" as the boys call her.

Kade asks to hold her atleast 5 times a day!

A couple days ago Joel got some great finds on Craigslist, and now we can go on family bike rides. Check out this cool new bike and bike trailer:

This is Kade and Gavin testing it out:

Zoey's car seat fits right in there and Gavin likes sitting next to her. We have already gone on two long rides and it is so fun to all get to be together for a change!

Meanwhile, Zoey's belly button fell off so she got to have her first bath :) She is still not too sure about the water, but she loved having her hair washed.

I am in love......again!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome home, Zoey!

Joel made a video celebrating the birth of our little girl...enjoy:

She is here, and she is perfect. It seemed like it took forever...and now it is already a memory. Zoey Grace Anderson was born 0n 10-14-09 at 10:48 pm. She weighed 8 lbs 15 0z and measured 21 1/2 inches long. She pooped right after she was born and before they weighed her so Joel is convinced that she would have made that extra ounce and considers her 9 lbs. I am really happy we induced, knowing that!

Things are crazy, but good. I am thoroughly enjoying my family and feeling its completeness! We are having fun conversations like why Zoey is eating all the time, why can't she walk or talk yet, and my personal favorite, why is she eating your boob!

I am recovering farely well, just very anxious to feel like myself again! Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes and prayers. Our family feels your love and I am very thankful!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kaden is 4!!!

So it has happened...I officially have a 4 year old (going on 10!) There is no baby left in him...not one piece. He is quite the big boy and I don't know how time has gone by so fast. Kaden was up bright and early this morning, anxious to tell the whole world that he is 4 now, and today is his Birthday. He is so excited, and his excitement just makes me smile.

We opened a couple gifts this morning, and though we already had his birthday celebration, I really wanted him to have a fun day so we started out by going to Jamba Juice for a morning treat and then off to the zoo, just the two of us (well three, if you count Zoey!)

It is still weird to me that I can go anywhere with him without a diaper bag or a stroller. It is sadly nice. We had a nice time, and I loved getting to spend time with my first "baby." We saw all his favorite animals, rode the train, and he didn't even throw a fit when I told him "no" on going on the carousel.

Here are just a few things that I love so dearly about you, Kaden:

You are quite the daredevil. Need I remind everyone that he just got a dirtbike at the ripe age of four. You love watching older kids play, and want to try everything you see, from skateboarding to football. You love to learn, and often when we are driving your head is in one of your workbooks sounding out letters, or counting. You are CRAZY....just plain are, but you are the perfect combination of crazy and sweet, so I think we are going to keep you ;) You love your brother, even when you are frusterated with him, which is quite often. You want to show him how to do everything, along with tell him what to do, boss him around, put him in time out, and everything else that involves being in charge. But when you don't know I am watching I see you "reading" him books, or playing monsters, and you are so sweet! You often ask me if we are going to keep Gavin forever, just making sure that we are not going to give him back! Don't worry dude, I didn't save the receipt so he is here to stay:)

You are so excited for baby Zoey to arrive, and ask me almost daily if it is time for her to come out. We have her carseat ready in the car, and you like to pretend that she is already in there and you make silly faces and talk to her.

I love the way you pray. Here is one of my favorites: "Thank you God, for everything you give to us. Thank you for brother, and all the mommies and daddies you give to us. Thanks for all my toys and the food. Thanks for all the loving you give to us, too. Thanks for tables, and plates, and motorcycles. We love you God, amen!"
You love your Daddy, and like to tell everyone that he is super strong and he can fix ANYTHING. I love watching the two of you play, wrestle, laugh, and giggle. You get so excited when he comes home in the morning and usually run out to the driveway before he can even get out of the car.

You are a good helper, not only with Gavin, but you like to help me cook and clean, and like to spend time with me, which I cherish. There are days when you make me want to rip my hair out, because you are quite stubborn and like to do everything your way, but I think it is these qualities that also make me love you even more. You have already begun to give me gray hairs at the ripe age of 29, but I guess that is what hair dye is for , right?

Thank you Kaden, for making me smile, laugh, cry, and love more than I ever thought I could.

Happy Birthday:)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy almost birthday, Kaden!

So I decided to try and plan Kaden's 4th birthday party a little early this year. His Birthday is on the 12th, and I am going to be induced on the 14th...possibly earlier. I figured it would be easier with Zoey still in my belly, rather than out!

So, we had it this past weekend, and everyday leading up to it I was holding my breath in fear of going into labor before or during his party....I don't know why I was worried, this kid is never coming out on her own!

Anyhow, we asked Kaden what kind of party he wanted, and he said he wanted a motorcycle/dirtbike party. So that is what we did! Now that he is 4 (almost) I tried to invite more boys/friends his age. We had a good turnout and I think he had a really good time!

My two motorcycle boys!

Eating some pizza...Grandpa was at the kiddy table!

We had the kids go through a little obstacle course on Kade's toy motorcycle. Look how cute Drake looks in his Bandanna!

Miles is ready to go!

Then we let the kids pose on a REAL motorcycle!

Cousins Cole and Jamie

Look at my sweet little niece Hannah....she just turned 1 last month!

Then it was Pinata time!!! All the kids got to take a whack at it, but in the end Joel had to finish it off to get the candy out!

I don't think the kids minded, they were just happy the candy was out!

Then it was time for Kaden's big present! Kade has been asking for a dirt bike for about 8 months now, and Joel was happy to make his wish come true! Thanks again to both Grandma and Grandpas for chipping in and helping us give him his birthday wish:)
Joel is going over how everything works

Safety first!

He rode like a champ, no problem balancing or turning at all.

Lastly, time for some cupcakes. I was going to try and make a motorcycle cake, but, well, it just didn't happen. Oh well.

Make a wish! ( I think he already got it though!)

Happy early birthday Kade!