Sunday, September 26, 2010

new stuff I made...

I had been working on a handful of new creations, but most of them were for my niece, Hannah, for her Birthday, so I couldn't post them or my sister wouldn't have been surprised. Her Birthday was last week so now I get to post!

Ruffle Shirt dress

lilac smocked dress with ribbon trim

purple tank with rose embellishment
(this one was so cute but it didn't fit! It barely fit Zoey too so I need to make another one with a more giving material)
Fabric Initial shirt with matching ruffle skirt.

I had so much fun making them all! I have a few more that I hadn't taken pictures of yet, but I will post those another time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When Mommy dozes off during movie time with the boys.......

This is the result:

who could possibly be responsible for this??
I think I have an idea.....
AHA! Caught in the act!

It's a good thing she is so darn cute!

Already back for more....I need to start closing these doors!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Baby!!!

Some friends from our small group invited us to camping with them over Labor Day weekend. We had been wanting to rent an RV for awhile now, and Keisha works at an RV place and got one for FREE! So we went up early Saturday morning to Lake Mary and had a wonderful time!!!

Us with Keisha, Vaughn, and their daughter Naomi.
the kids were so excited! They thought it was the coolest ever!
We drove for about 2 hours and the set up camp
Zoey got to check out the bed above the drivers seat.
Zoey did so good. Especially cosidering she is not walking yet!
she was quite the dirty girl by the end of the trip.
the kids collecting sticks for our fire
the boys went on a nature walk and did some exploring
Gavin explored the bed!
Zo Zo got in her camping clothes...she was quite a sight!!
She got mighty comfy in Keisha's arms
We made dinner and then it was time for ssmores!!!
The boys discussed important grown up stuff
Grown up time.

Joel and Kaden slept in the tent and I can't believe Kaden made it the whole was 40 degrees at night. I stayed comfy inside the RV with Gavin and Zoey.
We started off the next morning with some hot chocolate.
This is Zo Zo's morning face and hair :)
Good morning Gavin
We found a chair just Zoey's size!

After we ate breakfast we drove out to the other side of the Lake. Vaughn wanted to fish but it was too windy, so we just hung out instead.
kids loved the water.
Joel got all the way in! Brrrrr.
the kids were making up funny songs
Zo assumed the sleeping position on my lap
Gavin tried to take down Vaughn

After that we drove down to payson and stopped for some ice cream

Zo Zo likes her some mint chocolate chip

Harry potter was there getting ice cream too!
Joel gave him a piece of his mind.
Kaden thought this was a fun game too

After that we found a school with a playground and let the kids play till it was time to drive home.
Zoey trying to figure out whether she likes the sand or not.
Joel taught Kade some more daredevil tricks:

Gavin wanted to try too!

We frove hom that night, and had a wonderful time with some great friends. We are already planning another trip in November! So Excited :)