Sunday, March 11, 2012

1/2 Marathon and 10k!

I know, more running. Sorry, but you will have to bare with me!
So, at the beginning of the year Joel set a goal to run his first (and only, he has already decided!) Marathon. We picked the date, San Diego Rock n Roll on June 3rd, and then I got him started on a training plan! I had heard of a new 1/2 marathon in March, and it worked out perfectly with Joel's training so we signed him up. I decided since it was the week after Ragnar, that I would just do the 10k.
As it got closer, he told me he wasn't looking forward to it...not because his training hasn't been going well, (quite the contrary, he has gotten so much faster!) but because he doesn't really like running (I know, how are we married??).
He set his original goal for finishing in under 2 1/2 hours. As his training got better, he decided he wanted to finish in under 2 hours (we are a little competitive in this household!)

I fnished the 10k, met up with my parents and the kids, and then waited for Joel to come through!

 Do you see him?
 There he is, barreling down the finish line!!
 he finally found us in the crowd...
 the boys had worked really hard on this sign for him, and were so proud!
 (look who got a hair cut!) Kaden was quite proud of his papa!
 Zoey and Gavin were just happy to eat the free food!

So, what was his time you ask? 1:57:28!!! He did it! Under 2 hours for his very first 1/2 marathon! He did A-mazing! So good, in fact, that he ended up placing 3rd in the Clydesdale division (over 200 lbs.)
 Not bad for his first race, huh?? :)

And guess what?? I felt really good in my 10k, and I ended up finishing FIRST!!! (in Females, that is, 9th over all) out of about 600 runners! My time was 45:06 :)
 I even got to go up on stage and accept my plaque!
Zoey wanted to join her mama!

The rest of the day was spent being lazy, watching movies and eating pizza and skittles! What a great weekend!!

Spartacular Six!

It's that time of year again, where I get my favorite group of girls together to torture oursleves with two days of non-stop running. However, this year I had the grand idea that we should make it more challenging. Ragnar was "been there, done that," for me, so why not make it more interesting. I convinced 5 other crazy girls to make an Ultra team with me. So, six girls (1/2 the amount of a normal team, double the amount of running!), lots of running and driving, and VERY limited sleep = of my favorite weekends ever! Meet, the Sparktacular Six Ultra team!!

Me, Carolyn, Kristin, Marie, Breezy, and Erin.

 We wore all thing sparkly, and blinged out our van as well!

 Kris brought a mega was loads of fun, and had to be banned from some people in our van!
 Finishing my first run...13.6 miles
 there was dancing,
 picture taking,
 and more picture taking!
 and, the occasional unconventional bathroom breaks!
 Don't forget, cheerleading, jazz hands, and more mega phone yelling
 All our night runs require reflective gear...Carolyn and I fashioned ours to fit a little better.
 Can you tell we are beginning to get tired and hungry?
 Woohoo, night time running
 This is right before my second run, 12.1 miles (Which is while I am still smiling!)
 And finally, less than 30 hours later, we had finished our 3rd and final leg, and Kris was finishing up!
 WOOOHOOO! We did it! Six girls, 200 miles from Wickenburg to Tempe. My final mileage was  38.9 miles. Whew!
Showing off our blinged out shirts and skirts one last time.
Thank you ladies, for the best Ragnar ever!!!!!