Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Recap

So this year I got to experience  the joy (pain) of  dealing with two kids' with birthdays 2 days apart. Between planning 2 birthday parties and Halloween, I am going to start dreading October. But now that it is over, I cannot believe how fast it all has flown by.
This year I really wanted Kaden to have a party with just his friends, not my friends and their kids. Though he loves my friends kids, we already did that with Gavin, and would be doing it for Zoey's b-day party too. We kept it pretty simple, and invited friends from school, boys only! Kade had been wanting to do the rock wall at the gym, so we opted to do his birthday party there, since now that he was 5, he was old enough to do the rock wall.
 His party was a Spiderman theme, but really, any superhero will do, so the boys opted for matching Superman shirts for the party!

Kaden with his friends, ready to get this party started!
 Some of the kids couldn't do the rock wall, so they opted for funn jump toys and the bounce house!

Kaden is all suited up and ready to go
 He loved it, and made it all the way to the top without any hesitation! ( I know this suprises you!)
Bounce house fun!
 Scooter races!!
 Only a few fingers were run over by the fingers were lost, thankfully! 

 Pizza time!!!

I made spiderman cupcakes, and neglected to take pictures, of course!

His party went great, he had a great time and got lots of superhero toys from his friends. We did his b-day party early, so 3 days later, we celebrated his actual Birthday:

 Stuart Little - He asked for the movie after we read the book

 Thanking little brother for his superhero book and card game.
And finally.....Heely's! He's been asking for them for about 6 months. He's doing pretty good with them too!!

The following weekend, it was time celebrate our little Angel's b-day. It was a busy day...Kaden had his very first baseball game just 2 hours before her party (b-ball post to come soon) and it was still very warm outside!
 Zo Zo in her Birthday outfit!
 me and the birthday girl!
 with gramma G
 Gramma K bought her this cool new scooter for her Birthday. She loves it!
 Girl cousins and sisters....we happened to all dress in pink, though not even planned!

 Zoey loved her new baby doll :)
 hugs :)
 Time for cake! I made a flower cake for Z to dig into and cupcakes for the rest of the bunch!

 Getting a feel for the frosting....
 She likes it so far
 Yep, I think it is safe to say that Zoey is a sugarholic, just like the rest of the family!!!!
 Messy girl....she got that cake EVERYWHERE!

After, she got all cleaned up and vegged out with Dad. What a great day!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's official....

My little baby girl is ONE today.I really don't know how it happened....seriously, I blinked and she grew up. That's what I get for blinking, I guess! Technically she wasn't born till 11 pm, so if peolple ask me how old she is, I will tell them 364.5 days that too weird.
Ohhhh, my baby girl. I waited so long for you. I am glad God did it on His timing, because if I had any control over it I would have had you first, and you wouldn't have had your amazing older brothers to love you like they do.  A year ago today, Zoey, you made our family complete. Everything felt different, it felt right. Seeing 3 little heads around the house, telling people I had 3 children when they asked how was just perfect.
I couldn't wait for you to be I begged my doctor to incuce. Thankfully, he obliged! I dreamed about what you would look like, if you would have hair, what color your eyes would be. And when you arrived, you were just perfect!

You have been such a calm laid  back little baby. THANK YOU! you made the transition to 3 a breeze. I would always tell people "she's just happy to be here" because you just went with the flow. And that is not always an easy flow to go with, our house is busy! Little by little I am starting to see your personality. You are gonna be one fiesty girl, and I love it!

You aren't walking yet, but you like to cruise around like a stink bug with your bum in ther air. You say uh oh, momma, dadda, and you can shake your head "no". You love to blow kisses, show your muscles, clap your hands, and wave bye-bye. You already have 7 teeth...that's right, 7! Your brothers barely had 2 by this age. It is weird for me to see a little person with so many teeth.

You have found your voice, and you like to yell.....a lot. I think you figured out that may be the only way to fight for attention in this house! You will not keep your hair bows in to save your life, and I think you do it on purpose now :)

You light up when your brothers come into the room, and you love playing with all of their toys in their room. You like to push their cars around and make much for baby dolls I guess.

I look forward to so many things with you...girly things, fun things, mother-daughter things. But don't rush....I am in no hurry, so you can stay this cute and little for as long as you like!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 years ago today.....

I was already on the way to the hospital with contractions 2-3 minutes apart. I had already called Cathy to confirm that what I was feeling, was in fact, labor. My mom was on the way to the hospital to meet us there. We lived in Avondale and delivered in Scottsdale, so, we had a loooong drive. I thought for sure when I got there, they would check me and tell me I was dialated to atleast a 7. Nope. I was (as the nurse kindly pointed out) at "maybe a 1, honey." Needless to say, it was a very long day. But after an epidural and loads of pitosin, this little guy was welcomed into the world:

You were an AMAZING baby...which is part of the reason I couldn't wait to get pregnant again. Easy pregnancy, wonderful infancy.  Your dad and I couldn't get enough of you, and as you began to grow you continued to amaze us more and more. You started walking @ 10 months, running very soon after that, and never slowed down from there. (Those of you who have read my blog for a while, or know Kaden at all, know he is fearless). You began jumping off the top of the stairs to daddy's arms at age 2. You took the training wheels off the bike at 3, and soon after began riding a quad. You started riding a dirtbike at age 4, and this past year you have become quite the pro at mastering tricks at the bike park.

But even more special than all your physical abilities is your amazing heart. You love your brother and sister and though you sometimes fight, you are always looking out for them. Your middle name is Justice, and I had no idea how much you would truly live up to it. You are quick to point out injustice, or things that are not right, and I love that about you. You are the first to point out the rules, and the rule breakers (unless it's you, and then you have a great excuse as to why it is ok).

You are so smart, and you talk like a 12 year old. I have to remind myself daily  that you are only 5, and that I shouldn't expect so much from you all the time. You are a good helper, and always want to be in on the action. We call you our Tigger, because you NEVER stop moving and bouncing off the walls and running around. Even in your sleep you are consantly moving. Your favorite mode of transportation is running- you run to your room, you run to the bathroom, you run to the kitchen, you run all-the-time!

Kaden, thank you for being so loveable, sweet, smart, and surely keeping me on my toes at all times. You were the first of our family to be born and I am so thankful for you and how you changed our life.
Now, could you please STOP growing up????

 Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Junk in the trunk

 This girl's smile makes my day. She is becoming very independent and growing up so fast. She is officially off bottles and formula already, and she can hold her own at the dinner table!
Little miss Zoey girl is on the move. She is not walking yet, unless she is pushing around the kitchen chairs as her mode of transportation!
look at this cutie. I bought her these leggings about a month ago, and was so excited to put them on. I thought they might be too big....obviously not a problem. They were painted on so you could see every cute little roll in her thighs.

and just look at that bottom.....girlfriend has a booty, that is for sure. I love it, and I love her!
Can you believe she will be turning 1 in just 8 days????