Sunday, May 24, 2009

More proof Kade listens to EVERYthing we (Joel) says:

Driving in the car-
Kade: Gavin, say 'what's up dude'
Gavin: NO
Kade: c'mon Gav, say 'what's up dude'
Gavin: NO NO
Kade: C'mon, just once
Gavin: No say dude
Kade: Man.....that's messed up!

Seriously...this kid is hilarious

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Zoey Grace....

She is perfect...everything I ever hoped. I have been dreaming of this day, so hoping that God would bless me with a little girl, and I could not be more thrilled! Don't get me wrong, I love love love my boys...that is what makes this so special I think. That this is really a new chapter, and this time it is going to be filled with pink and bows and dresses and nail polish. And also probably a lot of wrestling with brothers and climbing of trees, so she will be well rounded. I can't wait to buy girl clothes, and bows how I love the girl bows. And if she does not have any hair I will be the mom that puts the big giant head band on her....because I can!

Ever since we first got pregnant I was hoping for Zoey, like I knew she would be here someday. Then I got Kade and I am so glad I did! Truthfully, if I would have had two girls first, I probably would have been ok to never have more and I would have missed out on so much that I did not even know I would love. God had this master plan for me and our family and now I cannot imagine it any other way-two boys and a girl-Anderson, party of 5 your table is ready. This is my last pregnancy (God willing) and I am going to cherish every minute of it...or try atleast! I cannot wait until she starts really moving around and she feels more real to me. And when this is all over, our family will be complete.

Looking forward to meeting you Zoey-


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's day weekend started out wonderful with an early present to myself....our pics from the photographer came in!! They look amazing, she did such a great job. Here is my new gallery wall with the finished product:
Then Joel Surprised me Saturday with my Mother's Day present from him. I have been talking about wanting one for probably about a year and he found the perfect beach cruiser. Kade helped him pick it out and now all I need is a basket and a bell!

Me and the baby look ready to rock and roll. Hmm....maybe some white wall tires would look cute too!
Sunday morning I got to get up and go for a run (which is really more of a trot now because even though I am only 16 weeks along my body seems to think that I am really 35 weeks along!) Then we got all cleaned up and went out for breakfast in old town Gilbert at a Restaurant I had really been wanting to try:

The food was really yummy, they had a great breakfast buffet and it was just nice to be out to eat as a family.

We had a great rest of the day...we stopped by Joel's parent's to wish his a Mom a happy mother's day and then after the kids nap we went over to my sister's for some swimming and BBQ. All this and still home in time to put the kids to bed and watch Desperate Housewives. What a great day:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Family Fun

Last Friday Joel had the day off so we decided to try to find something to do as a family. We saw that Tempe Town Lake was having a Greek Festival, and it was free to get in, so we figured we would check it out. Plus they have that great Splash Park there so I figured if nothing else they could run around in the water.

When we got there it was pretty dead, but they had a kids area with all sorts of bounce houses and games. We decided to check it out, hoping that they were free too, but not holding our breathe. The guy said the that most of the bounce houses were one ticket and a couple of them were two tickets. Not bad, we figured the tickets were 50 cents or a dollar, so we went to go buy some. When we got to the ticket counter they had a sign posted that 1 ticket = $2.oo !!!!! Seriously, $4 to have both my boys go on a silly bounce house. Ridiculous! So, though the boys were dissapointed, we did not go on any of the bounce houses. We made our way over to the Splash Park, and there was a sign posted that it didn't open until the next day :( So far this family outing was not going so well.

So, instead, we walked down mill ave and stopped for some ice cream instead. That made the boys happy for a little bit but Kade wouldn't stop talking about how maybe the water would be on at the park when we were done with our ice cream. So, on our way back to the car we told him we would walk by just to make sure. It wasn't on, but there were some other kids playing on the slides so we let them play for a little bit. After about 5 minutes a "lifeguard" (I use this term very loosely) came over and said they were going to turn the water on to make sure everything was ready for the opening the next day. WOO HOO. We through there swim suits on and they had a lot of fun. Gavin is still very iffy about splash pads, they freak him out. But he loosened up a little bit and found some puddles to play in eventually.

all in all, the day ended it up being pretty good, and we only spent money on Ice cream!

Monday, May 4, 2009


...till I find out what this little peanut is! Not like I am keeping track or anything.