Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have blogged about my Chunky Monkey before, so many of you know that though he looks like an 18 month old, he still isn't crawling yet. Well those day are FINALLY over! Here is a little clip of Chunkers finally putting it all together and crawling more than one or two steps at a time. All this, just a couple days short of being 10 months old! It doesn't look like a crawl, more like a shuffle, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Gavin than for him to make it his own!
Enjoy :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting Older (and older, and older)....

So, I was born today at 11:58 pm, 28 years ago. ( if you are older than me, I am not calling you old, and I don't want to hear comments about how young I still am cuz I am allowed complain one day out of the year and I choose today!) I normally love my birthday and have no problem turning one year older, but somehow this one is really hitting me. My 10 year high school reunion is this year and I am suddenly realizing that I am no longer in my mid 20's and a lot closer to thirty than I ever planned. You would have thought I would have realized this when I turned 27, but I was ok with that number. Maybe I just need to get used to the number. 28,28, 28. Nope, still don't like it. I feel younger than 28, maybe that is a good thing. I think the biggest thing is I am officially entering the age gap where if you talk to a teenager or someon in their early 20's about music or tv shows (when did FRIENDS become outdated?) you realize how old you are. Weird.

I am sure I will embrace it eventually. 10 years from now I will be wishing I was turning 28. I will always be younger than Joel though, so that does help. I think I will go shopping today, and maybe even have a drink or two. Besides, as one smart woman once said, (thanks Kristi) "you can either get older or be dead." If I have to choose I guess I choose older:)

Happy 2 years away from being thirty birthday to ME!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have been dreading the day....

I don't have any brothers, so a lot of this boy stuff is new to me. I knew that one day my boys would make a discovery down south, but I thought I had atleast 8-10 more years until I had to even think about it.

This is the conversation that went on the other day:

Me: (as Kade is putting his hands in his pants) Whatcha doin?
Kade: I got a peepee mommy.
Me: That's right, you do have a peepee.
Kade: (as he proceeds to pull down his pants) look mom, my peepee got BIG mom!!
Me: yes it did. Just leave it alone and it will go back down.
Kade: ok (and he pulls his pants back up)

*about 2 minutes later.....

Kade: Mom look! my peepee went back down!!! ( as he pulls down his pants again)

Now, we have this conversation about 5 times a day! I am doomed....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Live! with Jasmyn and Kelly...

Ok, so those of you who know me well know that one of things I was looking forward to most about going to NYC was that we got tickets to the Regis and Kelly show. As you know, if I lived in NY Kelly and I would be BFF. Laugh if you want, but I know it is true! We would go shopping, go out for coffee, and have play dates with our kids! The only problem is, we just haven't officially been introduced yet. Well I was hoping that this trip would change things. You know, she would see me in the audience and just know we were meant to be ( as friends, that is!).

Unfortunately, we were out so late the night before at the after party that we didn't get to the set very early the next morning and we were seated in the back row. :(

In between each commercial break Kelly comes down and chats with the audience (she is just as cute in person) but she doesn't ever look past the 5th row! So she never even saw us. The show ended, and I was heartbroken ( I really was). But then, Gilman comes back out and says "I have a surprise for you all" and proceeded to tell us that they were going to taping another show for Friday because Regis was going to be gone. YES! My second chance. Then he asks for volunteers to be the Go-Go trivia dancer. I leaped out of my seat, jumped up and down like a fool and tried to get his attention. It worked! He picked me and 2 other ladies and 1 big dorky guy and then we had a dance off and let the audience decide. Well, the dorky guy started basically convulsing and doing anything for attention but it worked cuz the audience chose him (grrrrr). I felt a little bit better though, because Jimmy Kimmel was the guest host, and he basically made fun of him for how stupid he looked. Oh well, I guess it just wasn't my time.

It will happen though, I know it.

In the mean time, here is a picture of me on stage during the dance off. I am wearing a white top and am to the right of the dorky guy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Survivor Finale (NYC part 2)

Well the finale itself was very anti climactic. They made us wait in the theatre for 3 hours before the live portion of the show and then on the actual finale Joel only got one question and Jeff Probst was such a jerk, basically trying to make fun of him. I think he handled his question with grace, but it made me very upset. Not only that, but he was cut out of almost all the early footage of the show, which also frusterated me. They definately gave special treatment that night to the "favorites." After the show they were shuffled out to the red carpet and interviewed and got pics together, while the "fans" were hustled out to the bus and made to wait for 45 minutes while everyone else finished up. CBS claims that there is no favortism or special treatment, but that is just a load of crap!

Ok, enough of my venting. We did go out afterwards and party with the cast, which was a lot of fun (though we had to plan our own party cuz this is the first year cbs didn't host a party for survivor--cheapskates). The party was at Jay-Z's club, which sounds more exciting than it was. The club was kind of a dive, I expected something much nicer and exclusive. Anyhow, after a few drinks, we all felt better and had a good time!!!

Here are just a few pics:

us with Denise from last season (she's very nice and hilarious!)

us with Todd, winner of last season

the four of us (so glad you came Meg and Daryl!)

us with Jonathon

We have more pics with James, Amy, Ozzy, Alexis and Erik but are on Meg's camera so will add them when I get them.

Friday, May 16, 2008

NYC Baby!!

As many of you know we just got back from New York where the Finale of Survivor was taped. I will do my best to include as much as possible but there are too many pics to cover everything and I know I will forget something so just bare with me and several posts committed to the trip!

Day 1

We took a red eye to NY, our plane left at 10:30 pm. We did that so the kids would hopefully sleep on the plane. Kade did well but Gavin had a hard time. He could not get comfortable and kept waking up and crying ansd fussing. Of course when he finally did fall into a deep sleep, we were about a half hour away from landing!

Aren't these guys precious!

We arrived to the hotel about 7am NY time which was 4 am AZ time. We were exhausted but wired at the same time so we just walked around a bit. Our hotel was in Times Square which was a perfect location. There was lots of stuff around us to do, including a Starbuck's in every corner (not kidding, every 4th or 5th store was a s-bucks!) so needless to say I was in heaven.

We also found a tour bus with our name on it. We should have taken that instead of our flight!

Day 2 (and Mother's Day)

What a crazy day! I got up early and ran to Central Park, which was beautiful! Then we got coffee (of course) and hung out a little before Joel had to leave. Joel left with the rest of the cast around noon for dress rehearsal and stuff. Before everyone left we met in the lobby and got a lot of fun pics with the cast. Here are just a few:

Us with Eliza

with Chet and Yau-Man

me with lex

with lex and Erik

a mixture of about half of the cast

Joel left and my mom and I spent the day in China Town buying cheap purses and stuff. (That day was crazy and is a whole other post in itself!) That night was the finale in the Ed Sullivan Theatre (where David Letterman is taped) and I went with my mom, Joel's parents, and our good friends Daryl and Meghan. We were there pretty early so we got to snoop around the set and take some fun pics:

The set

me and my mom


Me and Meg....the tribe has spoken!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Please, I need everyone's help. Joel has a chance to win "fan Favorite" if you vote for him and he would win $100,000 at the finale. All you have to do is text 11 to the number 81818 in your cell phone. You will get an automatic reply if you did it correctly. You can vote up to 5 times. Tell everyone you know to vote, and help us win!! You can also vote on and register and it will let you log on to vote. You can vote up to 5 times.

We will have a big celebration party if we win, and not only will Joel be giving 10% to church but also another 10% to charity. This could be big, and we appreciate your help...tell everyone you know and have them tell their friends and so on. You can only vote for a short amount of time so do it now!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Road Trip!

This past weekend we joined my sister and her husband and met my parents up in Christopher Creek to see their new little trailer home they just purchased. It was beautiful weather and my parent's new little get away is so cute. The creek is about a 5 minute walk away and it is so pretty. It was nice to just get away for the day :)

Me and my sister at the creek

Chunkers :)

Wild man :)

Mr. Kade attempting to "share" his sucker with Gavin. It was more like him jamming it down his throat!

Our attempt at a nice family picture....

And finally, Joel doing what he does best!!!!!

All in all, a good time:)