Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zo Zo's cheeks

They are wonderful, chunky, squishy, and so pinchable and kissable. My little girl is so happy and I love seeing her cheeks bulge out as she gives me her great big smile. So, in honor of her I thought I would dedicate a post full of some of my favorite most recent pics of her and her gorgeous chunkiness! Enjoy :)

Thank you, Mikele, for my new sassy glasses!

She always looks a little angry when she sleeps...or maybe just focused?

I see a lot of Gavin in this picture

Seriously....just gorgeous...biased am I??...maybe :)

Already 5 1/2 months the time is already flying!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy Bee

So Lately I have had the itch.....the decorating itch that is! We have been in our home for 2 years this summer and there is still sooooo much I want to do but I had been in quite a slump. But for the past month or so I have been focusing on a lot of "little" projects, that hopefully make a bigger difference in making our house a home! I wanted to soften things up, make it more warm and inviting, and frankly, after seeing Katie, Robyn, and Carrie's new homes over the past year I was inspired! Not to mention, that everytime I go in to Cathy's house I wish it was mine!

So here ya go, there is still more to do but I thought I would share what I have so far!

I recovered all my throw pillows on the couch. They were just plain brown before.

I found these curtains at Ikea for $5 and just cut each of the panels in half and hemmed them and VOILA, so much better than just blinds! (pay little attention to ugly old door, it is on the list!)

I took old curtains from our other house and made valances instead. I also have them for the bay window in the kitchen, but haven't hung them yet.

Next, I took Katie's advice and and spray painted all the hinges on our cabinets and then got really cheap handles from Ikea and painted them to match. All together the project was only $15!!

This one I stole from Carrie...actually I stole it from Cathy who stole it from Carrie:) I still don't know if I am going to keep it there or move it elsewhere, but either way, love it!

This was my addition to a very big blank space in my living room. I saw something similar in a store and tried to recreate it. Not bad I think for quite the novice painter.
Up next is repainting the kitchen....then we'll see if I have any craftiness left in me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

muscles & cereal

I told Kaden to show me his muscles the other day and was amazed at how much muscle he has! His little body is amazing, he is going to be such a stud:) I showed Joel the picture and he said he had a picture of himself as a kid doing the same thing! So we put them sided by side, and what do you think....notice a resemblance???

What is hilarious is Kade is already bigger than Joel, and we later found out he was 6 in this picture!! Crazy
In other news, this little girl is almost 5 months old...can you believe it. She is still so mellow and laid back...I think she's just happy to be here! At her 4 month check up she was almost 14 pounds, so she has gained 2 pounds in the last 2 months, and a total of 5 pounds since she was born!! Us Anderson's know how to eat so I expect nothing less from her!

We started cereal about 2 weeks ago and this was her first try with the spoon

She just kind of played with it at first

Man I love this messy face!
Now she has really gotten the hang of it and loves applesauce, pears, and squash. She will be trying banans and carrots this week! At the rate she's moving she'll be eating hot dogs by Easter ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ragnar Races baby!!!

Ever heard of Ragnar Relays??? Basically, it's this giant relay race that you run with a team of 6 or 12 people. In AZ, it is from Prescott to Tempe, over 200 miles and it takes about 36 hours to complete. The way it works is each runner has 3 legs. Everyone runs their first leg, runners 1-12, then we start back with runner one again and everyone does their 2nd leg, and then finally we repeat it all over again with our third leg until we end up in Tempe! For a team of 12 you divide into 2 cars, 6 runners each.
Anyhow, I really wanted to do this last year, but since I was prego with Zoey, I figured I better wait! But when my friend Kristin asked me if I wanted to do it this year, I could. not. wait!! Yes!!! We found our team of 12 and had to come up with our team name. One of the girls on our team is a police officer so we named ourselves "HOT COPS" as we thought it was appropriate!

We left last Thursday morning at 4:30 am. Loaded up both cars and we were on our way. We decorated the cars and this is what ours looked like:

We each had decals with our names on it! So cute!

These two girls and I stuck together the whole time. We were all in the second car. Kaylani (middle) and Kristin(Right) and I all went to High School together. Kristin and I have been close years for almost 15 years now!

At the start line. This is Destinee, our first runner and team captain. She pulled out all the stops for her outfit. she's a little bit crazy, which is why I love her!

Our whole team at the start line!

And we're off! Destinee took off like lightning

After that, my car had a lot of down time. WE had to wait for all of the first 6 runners to run before we could start. I was the last runner too, so I had the longest to wait. So we got a nutritious breakfast at Denny's, and then went to the runner exchange point and did some people watching. There were some crazy teams out there. I am not sure what the theme of this team was, but I thought nonetheless, this guy deserved his picture taken!

both cars met up again and got a team photo!

Time for our car to start racing. This is Melissa, our cars first runner!

Almost dark, and finally my turn to run. It was wonderful! Lots of downhill and I was cruisin'!

It got dark during my run, hence my reflective vest. Stylish, I know!

After my run It was our cars turn to get some food and some rest. Or atleast try...I think I might have gotten an hour of most. Then, at about 1 am in the morning we got back up again to go meet the other runners for our turn to run again.

It was tight quarters in our car. We spent most of the time cozied up like this..good thing we liked each other.

This was Kristin in her night run outfit...she had to make sure she was visible....I think she was ;)

Our team...exhuasted but still having a great time.

Unfortunately, right after our first runner ran, we were informed that there was an accident and they stopped the whole race. They rerouted us all and we had to wait a long time for them to clear the rode. One of the team mates of the runners on a different team was crossing the highway to give out water, but was not wearing their reflective gear and was hit by a car. He is still in very serious condition so please keep him in your prayers.

By the time it was my turn to run it was morning. I was just happy to be out of the car!

And finally, after everybody else did their 3rd leg it was my turn. It was about 3 pm Saturday, and time for me to finish. Here is Ruthann passing it off:

And to the finish line!!!! I was just so happy to be finished!!

Joel brought the kids to watch and Kade ran and gave me a big hug!

Zoey fell asleep in my arms...she missed her mama!

Our family!

One final picture of the three muskateers!

Thanks girls for an unforgetable race! Can't wait till next year!!!!!!!