Sunday, September 20, 2009

That's what brothers are for...

So, as you know, I started potty training Gavin a few weeks ago, and it is going pretty well. He is still not night trained, which is fine, but he is pretty good about day time and I haven't changed a diaper in almost 2 weeks now! For a couple days he was actually telling me he needed to go potty, but then he stopped that and every time I asked him if he needed to go he would still say "no" even if I knew he did. On a good note, he doesn't fight me when I say we are going potty anymore, and I know he really needs to go when he grabs himself. Typical boy, right???!

Anyhow, I have been trying to only use pull ups @ night, but have to also use them at the gym because the workers are not allowed to help them pull their pants up and down, they are only allowed to let them in the bathroom.
The first few times we went, I kept telling him that he had to tell the teacher if he needed to go, knowing he probably wouldn't but thought it was worth a try! Then, I started telling him that he should tell Kaden if he had to go because he is allowed to help him with his pants. I thought this was a pretty far stretch, Kaden isn't even 4 yet, and he still doesn't always make it to the bathroom on time!

But then last week I went to get them and when I walked in the gal at the desk said theat Kaden had helped him to the bathroom and went in with him! I was shocked!!! I found them and Gavin was yelling "pee pee in the potty" and Kaden was yelling "I helped him mom!" I couldn't believe it! Then Kaden told me that he helped him "tap, tap, tap" when he was done! Wow, to have been a fly on the wall for that ordeal. Plus, when I checked Gavin's pull up, it was on backwards! I am not fully sure what went on in that bathroom, but there were no accidents so I am thankful:)

What good boys I have!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm still here....

Barely, though. I have not been very motivated to post lately...probably because the only thing I want to post about is having a baby girl, and, well, I am not there yet and it is taking FOREVER. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little. I am anxious (can you tell?), tired, and ready to be done. In the midst of all of that, feeling like a broken record and hating that I am complaining so much. So if we could just fast forward the next month or so, that would really be helpful.

I am also dying for cooler weather, fall, crafts, holidays....all my favorite things this time of year. I want to bake without the house feeling like a sauna....I want to go for morning runs in crisp air, I want to take the kids out on their bikes without sweating....siggghhhhh. Soon enough, I guess!

In recent news, I have started potty training Gavin! I know, maybe not the best timing, but I can't go back now or it will confuse him. I honestly don't mind changing his diaper, but the thought of paying for diapers for him and Zoey at the same time made me cringe. Plus, everytime he went in his diaper, he told me so I figured this kid needs to star going like a big boy NOW! We started off pretty rocky....lots of accidents, me trying not to be too fruterated, etc, etc. But We are on about day 5 and his progress is good. He still, for the most part, does not tell me when he needs to go, but I think I have watched him long enough that I know his cues and patterns and I just take him often. Eventually, hopefully, he will start telling me so I don't have to watch him like a hawk.

So that is my world right now....I know, not very entertaining or exciting. Hopefully something better to post next time ( is it bad that I am hoping the baby is born like 3 weeks early?)