Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 years!!!

We celebrated 10 years this past July 20th --10 years! It sounds crazy to say that we have been married for that long, yet crazy to think about how fast it has gone by! Joel outdid himself this year...he told me he had something planned, but I figured we were just going out to dinner or something! But he did his homework this time! I came home from teaching a class and he told me to pack an overnight bag and go put it in the car. When I went to the trunk to put my bag in, I found THIS:

 Isn't it beautiful? Soooo, beats my old crappy one!

Joel arranged for my parents to come over and then whisked me away to here:
 Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale

We got all gussied up for a night on the town.
 This is his "sexy" walk. I love my husband!
 Us newlyweds
 We didn 't know where we wanted to go for dinner, but we ended up here, and it was AWESOME! I had heard good things about the Yard House, but never been. It was pricey ( for us) but we had the best crab cakes ever!!
 It was 105 degrees but we still had to get a picture by the fire.

After that, we walked around a bit, but it was dead. There isn't much to do on a Tuesday night. So, Joel entertained us:
 He is so inappropriate....hehehe....but he makes me laugh every time!

We  decided to go back to the hotel after that but we had forgotten to pack a few things, so we wanted to stop a grab them. We ended up here:

 Who wouldn't go to Target  on their anniversary night and walk around for over an hour?? We are a wild and crazy couple, that's for sure!

The next morning we ate breakfast and got ready for the pool!
 This is the balcony a top our casita!
 By the pool :)

Then, my parents dropped these crazies off so they could enjoy some swimming fun with us!
 They were so excited!
 The pool there had a big slide, and a "beach" area. It was a hit!

 The boys played in the sand and went down the slide 100 times.
 Zoey practiced being the cutest girl ever!
 She's got the lounging part down! That's my girl!

We got all cleaned up after, and Zoey found a bath just her size!

It was a great Anniversary!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie #2

 The boys could not wait to make another movie....Zoey also makes her television debut in this one!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

**movie stars**

The boys had been discussing how a movie is made with Joel, and Joel came up with the wonderful idea of the kids making their own movie. They figured out their plot, raided the dress up box, and got to work. Joel did all the video ( and helped them come up for a few things to say) and then edited the fnishing product.
I think it is the best movie EVER made! You can say you "knew them when," and I would be happy to have them autograph pictures for you ; ) I now present to you: Space Cop. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yah, that's how we roll!

Summer is crazy hot, and when you don't have a pool in your backyard, well.....we tend to get creative around our house. Our kids still love baby pools - we buy one every summer...this year we got one that has a little slide on it. The kids kept asking us to come in it with them. I, of course, declined. But the other day Joel must have gotten hot enough, because he jumped - er, well, stepped right in!

He looks comfy in there don't ya think?
Trying out the slide...I think we need to work on his form, though.

On Monday, we didn't really have much going on, just a lazy 4th of July, enjoying being home. The boys wanted to ride bikes so we went out around 9am and it was already 100 degrees. Bike riding quickly turned into cooling off in the sprinklers:

First the shirts came off while they practiced "chasing" the water
Then, they each wanted an action picture. First, Gavin doing a jump.
Next, Kaden showed off his skills!
Zo Zo felt left out so she took her dress off and sported the bloomer and tennis shoe look :)
Diet Mt. Dew, anyone? (don't judge me, she only had a few sips!)
Soon enough, the shorts came off and the boys were running around the front yard in their underoos! Look at Mr. G's big belly....I love it!
Kaden, and his "you talkin' to me" face. I wonder if underwear modeling might be in his future?
Gearing up to jump again! Nice squat form boys :)

See, who needs a pool! (Actually, I do....I was hotter than heck taking these pictures!)

Friday, July 1, 2011

CA part 2

After Sea World, we spent the next day at Coronado Beach. Oh how I love that beach...the sand is sooo beautiful, and I love walking around the little town. We got there early, around 10 am, and nobody was really out, it was pretty quiet. It was a little windy and chilly too, I was afraid I wouldn't get the California sun I so wanted!

The first thing we did is try to capture a picture of the kids that I have been imagining in my head since Zoey was born. I sooo wanted the three of them holding hands, walking down the beach. So, we went for it right away....and it didn't go so well. I hadn't planned on the fact that Zoey did NOT like the sand on her feet, and when I put her down she just stood there and would. not. move. Niiiice. So much for my perfect picture, huh? Oh well, it was still a good day.

 Here is their "walking" picture.
 the sand was so soft and clean
 Zoey wasn't crazy about the sand, but once I gave her some toys, she was ok to play in it, as long as she didn't have to move!
 This is the first year that the boys were not scared to get in the water and splash around a little!
 Zoey being brave with Daddy
 I love this might just take the place of the picture I tried to 'make' happen!
 I love this girl
 this is one of his favorite things....we bury him every time we go to the beach!
 the "kids" built sand castles
 Can you find Zoey?
 there she is! Joel is a total baby whisperer when it comes to putting her to sleep. He just laid down next to her and rubbed her hair and she conked out for 2 hours!
Finally the sun came out!
 It was a beautiful day, and the boys played in the sand and water the whole time! We walked around later, ate dinner, and then drove home that night. It was a great few days.....I am just sorry we had to leave!