Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas recap

Christmas eve started with a day full of playing and tree climbing and fighting off bad guys. Then our superheroes had to rest before church!

He wore his power rangers costume all day and asked to where it to church too!

When we got home we had hot cocoa and then got to do our tradition of opening our Christmas Jammers!

Here are the studly boys in theirs:)

Me and Zoey looking pretty snazzy in ours too!

I attempted to get this santa hat on Zoey but her head is already too big (Those jammers are size 6 month and she is only two months!) So instead she looks like a Christmas Gnome:)

One of her other Christmas outfits

Then it was off to bed so Santa could come......

The next morning we had to wake the boys up so we could open presents before Joel had to go to work.

Our two Santa's

They both got really cool remote control cars (best 10 bucks I ever spent!)

I got Joel a new camera since he always complains that I have the camera when he needs it!

Gavin does some serious damage with his new shopping cart. Just like his mommy;)

Kaden had been asking for a Trumpet this year after I already did is shopping but I did a last minute purchase on line and it came in time!! He LOVES it:)

Then Joel went off to work and later that day my family came over.

As always, the Grandparents always go overboard!

This was Hannah's favorite present!

Aunt Robyn and Zoey enjoying the chaos!

Then the day after Christmas we went over to Joel's Parents for some more spoiling!

The grand kids

Kade's favorite present was this microphone. It is pretty cool and needless to stay he has no stage fright!

Rockin' out:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas....

two proud parents

two cute boys

3 happy moms (who is that grabbing my chest!!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 months!

Seriously...2 months already! I cannot believe it. Zoey is A-mazing! She is such a good baby, and is often forgotten about because she demands so little attention. Yesterday she slept from 9:30 to 7am. I'm not bragging but....ok maybe bragging a little:) I think this "little" girl has nearly doubled in size already too. I will find out tomorrow how big she is now and I cannot wait! She is smiling so much now and I can't wait to see how her personality will be.

Oh how time flies!......

Friday, December 4, 2009

SO much to blog about....where to start?

So, Joel finally finished his walk and we are so proud of him and of course happy he is home! He walked almost 400 miles over the span of 2 1/2 weeks! But, by the time he was done I barely recognized him...He was in desperate need of shower, shave, and hair cut! Here is his before picture: YIKES...he looks like a serial killer!
Then while shaving and cleaning up he had a little fun:, please don't leave it like that, dear!

There we go, that is the man I married! Whew, I was getting worried there!
We decided we needed a get away as a family so we went up to Christopher Creek where my mom has a little place. Look what was crossing the road on the way up:

The boys had been missing Joel a lot so first thing they did was have some snuggle time!

watching a movie

Hangin out by the fire

look at this cutie!

This is my current favorite pic of the boys...I love it!

After our trip up North we were happy to be home and get back to normal again...atleast as normal as we ever were. Kaden had some good big brother time with Zoey :)

We had a great Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday....too many pics to post but this one of my favorites:

She has smiled before but this is the first time I was able to capture it on film!

Then it was time to kick off the holiday season by going to the Gilbert tree lighting festival.

Kade is actually "protecting" Gavin from the big santa because it freaked him out!

The Chik fil a cow was there.....Gavin thought it was a bear, and was also scared of it too.

The Tree!

Kade said he had a good time!

And most recently, today we went to the Mesa art museum for youth thanks to Mikele swiping a cultural pass!!

We have a chalkboard at home, but it is much more fun to do it here!

Gavin liked the water painting

Miles found a cool bucket to sit inside:)

All aboard!

Our two little chefs

Mikele enjoyed the fine cuisine

okay, this picture did not rotate...but look close and tell me if you notice something....a little off.

Gavin had a blast!
Okay....we are caught up , for now atleast!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Model in training

Need I say more......

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sorry, no cute baby pics included

I wish I could be posting about my wonderful new baby girl, with lots of cute pics, but I have no camera. You see, we only have one camera and Joel left last week for his walk ( if you don't know what I am talking about, go HERE), and is using the camera while he is gone.

Meanwhile, I am trying to stay sane without a husband while caring for 2 crazy boys and my perfect little angel girl. I had a plan though, which has subsequently gone out the window. The first part of the plan was to treat my self to getting my hair done since my roots are so bad my hair looks two toned. However, like always when joel is gone, someone has to get sick. This time Gavin decided it should be him, so we spent Thursday through the weekend with fevers, chills, lots of motrin and tylenol, and blankets and movies. As a result, Kaden was beyond stir crazy, and I was ready to rip all my hair out(which would have eliminated the need for the hair appt so maybe I should have opted for that!).
Breathe, Jasmyn, breathe.
Everything was going to be ok, I rescheduled my hair for Monday, and we were going to start the week off right, and my roots were going to be long gone, which in turn makes for a much happier mom. Then Monday morning comes, and Julia has to cancel because her son is sick now! The nerve! Didn't he know he was ruining my week? Dramatic, maybe, but it has been over 10 weeks people!
AS I convince myself everything will be ok, I reschedule for Thursday (let's hope it happens this time). Meanwhile, Gavin has traded in his fever and chills, for whining and tantrums. I much prefferred the fever...atleast he was calm and cuddly. Turns out the kid is contipated so today was spent trying to get him to poop.

Back to the plan....the second part of the plan was to stay busy to hopefully pass the time quickly while Joel is gone. I am going to try to accomplish this tomorrow, by spending the day at IKEA with my sister. Let's hope it does the trick. And if you see me before Thursday, please ignore my roots and cranky kids. Hopefully by Saturday everyone in this house will be much happier.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Preschool Halloween Fun!!

Kade's class had their preschool Halloween celebration yesterday. It was lots of fun and he had a great good that when he came home he had a meltdown. Too much sugar before noon, I guess!
Anyhow, everyone got to wear their Halloween costumes, and this year Kaden wanted to be a Power Ranger. We left the mask at home, but he wore everything else and looked pretty darn cute! When we arrive, the kids were working on their pumpkin craft:

what a cutie!

Auntie Mikele was on baby duty, since I kind of have my hands full!
(can you believe I have THREE kids! still seems weird to say)
Next it was time for some food, so Gavin stepped in to "help"

They decorated cookies too. Gav put one small dot of frosting ob the cookie and then ate the rest!

What a good lookin bat cookie:)

it tastes good too!
Next, Miss Allison led the class out to the parking lot for some trunk or treating!

our two superheros, aka Miles and Kaden
1st attempt at class picture, not bad. Kade is in the front on the right

Gavin wandered in for this one, I think he thought there was more candy!

Hard to tell, but this is them praying and thanking God for a wonderful day!
Gotta love Christian Preschool:)