Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dentist trips and Splash pads I am so behind on posting. So today I am going to combine two events that have nothing to do with each other, because if I do a seperate post for each one it wil take forever! So, up first, Gavin's first trip to the Dentist's office:

Gavin was so excited because he knew there were toys and games there.

The prize bin for when your they are all done.

Kaden went first, since he had already been twice. He was a pro.

I thought he would be overwhelmed and a little scared, but he just kept smiling!

He kept trying to talk while the tools were in his mouth!

He was so happy to go up and down in the chair and get a new toothbrush. I am so proud of him!

Now on to splash pads. We have already gone to few this month (it's not even May yet....but hot already). Zoey has been pretty hesitant, but this last time we went she really opened up. Plus...her little body in a swimsuit is sooooo adorable! Enjoy:

 look at my big girl...she's growing up too fast!
 I love her belly. Katie....I have been dying to put this swimsuit on her since you sent it to me. I think she fills it out nicely:)
 so curious
 She didn't even cry when it hit her in the face!

More posts to come...stay tuned for Kade's first football game and Gavin's training wheels come off!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bathroom Bonanza!

So we have been seeing what we assumed were bits of mold on the tile in our shower, and we knew that it wasn't a good sign. We got our tax return back earlier than normal this year, so Joel decided it was time to tackle the bathroom, and hope the damage was not too extensive and expensive to replace!

Gross. the tiles just basically fell off. Look at that nasty stuff!

see all that dark black stuff? Yah, that's mold. nice.

And we found out why we had mold....we had a leak. Look at that water just hanging off the wood.

Is he fooling you with his "happy expression?"

Joel had to do eveything himself. We couldn't afford to hire a company to do it, so he taught himself and figured it out. He ended up having to take everything, including the tub, out and start from scratch.

We opted not to put tile back on the walls, but to instead do a wall shower surround. We did pick new tile for the floor though.

TA-DA!!!He did such a good job. It took a while because he could only work on it over his days off, but it is so nice to have 2 working showers again. We want to extend the tile into our vanity area and re-do that as well, but that is a whole other project. Maybe at the end of the year?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mind in the Gutter

Kaden does a letter each week at school, and this week they are on the letter W. This was the paper he brought home from school today.

I honestly ususally don't pay a whole lot of attention to the papers he brings home because he has so many each week. However, I happened to read the little story, and could not help but snicker:
Come on! How are you supposed to keep a straight face when reading this? Am I that  twisted, or does this make you giggle too??