Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birhday Extraveganza! (part 1)

October is one of the most stressful months for me....two birthdays, two days apart, plus Halloween, and Fall Break in the middle of it all! I wanted to throw Kaden a party for his friends a couple days after his birthday, but so many of our friends were going to be out of town that we decided to do it the week before. This year Kaden wanted a "Minute to Win It" themed party. It was a blast! I had fun practicing all the games too :)

Friends came over, we ate lunch, and then it was time to get down to business!

This first one, kids had to get the oreo from their face to their mouth without using their hands. Gavin tried first!
 Next, Drake and Joshua had to empty a kleenex box using only one hand.
 Action shot!
 Next, Aubree and Kate had to bounce pencils into the cups.
 Then, on to balancing out dice on a popsicle stick.
 Looking good Kaden!!
 Miles and Aubs getting ready to bounce ball into cups.          

 Then, one of the hardest ones...blow the ball accross the table into the cup!
 Then, the final two: Gwen and Aubree battling it out in Junk in the trunk. they had to shake until the balls came out of the box that was tied around their waste!

It was so nice to have so many of Kaden'sfriends there to celebrate with him!

Kade and Drake
 Miles, Kade and Alex
 Time to shoot those bad guys :)
 The Dad's did a lot of this!

CAKE! Kaden wanted a football themed cake , so this is what we came up with!
Happy 6th Birthday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


4 years and 2 days after my first baby was born, my last baby was born (yes I am sure we are done, atleast biologically!). My baby girl, who I hoped and prayed for since the first time I was pregnant, is now two. TWO! These past 2 years have gone by faster than any others, probably because life is always a little hectic and crazy in our home. Things are never dull, or quiet for that matter :)

Oh my sweet Zoey....2 years ago God added you to our family and you were born into the chaos of 2 crazy and fun older brothers, a super protective and vocal dad, and of course, a perfect mommy (hey, I am writing this so I can put whatever I want, right?). I was so excited to break up the reign of testosterone in our house with my sweet, gentle little princess. Well, I was right about the princess, but I am not so sure about the gentle and sweet part. You definately have your girly qualities, which I love! you love, love, love, babies. Real ones, but especially your dolls. You love to give them kisses and hugs. You also love princesses, and trying on mommies shoes. You are already stealing my make-up too! I often find you wandering around with my blush brush and a big smile on your face. You love to have your toes painted pink, and then say "pretty toes mama." You are not too big on your hair being done, or sitting still for me, but you have the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen, and always like looking in the mirror after I am done. You have the best mroning hair ever. When I get you up in the morning, you ask for a bow, and once I swoop your hair to the side, you look like I ust spent an hour blow drying it with a round brush! (I may be a little jealous about that one.)

But there is a whole other side to you Zoey. You are spunky, fiesty, and  a little crazy! You have very little fear. You love to get dirty, and get right in there with the boys.You love to wrestle, play  football, and play with the boys' cars and action figures. I love it! You also love to eat, and girlfriend, you can hold your own at the table. There is nothing petite about you, no you are gonna be tall and athletic just like your daddy. You will probably be beating the boys up on the playground before we know it, because they took a ball from you or looked at you funny. Did I mention that you are drop dead gorgeous? We are gonna be in will be a teenagers dream: a girl that likes cars and is one of the guys, but is so beautiful guys can't take their eyes off you! Thank goodness you have 3 big boys that will be looking after you :)

Lastly, a few things you like: Dora, Dora, and Dora!!! doggies (when they don't lick you), milk, singing twinkle twinkle and your ABC's, dancing (and girl you can move!), jumping, your baby and blanky, sunglasses, otterpops, treats, finding pens and drawing on yourself, and stickers!

Oh my sweet Zoey, I look forward to what the years hold for you, and though I want you to stay little forever, I am excited to see you grow. Thank you for being sweet, spunky, adorable, lovable, and the perfect little girl a mom could ask for.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Seriously??? Well, I did it....I blinked and now my baby boy has just turned 6!! It sounds soooo old, I cannot believe it. 

So, where do I possibly start? Kaden, you are so very special. You were the first of 3 to so wonderfully change our lives. You started off as the easiest baby- EVER! Even in the womb, I loved being pregnant with you. You were the best sleeper, the best eater, and you hardly ever cried! Then, at about 2 years old you learned to talk...and so the roller coaster began (always fun, but crazy and scary at times!).
You are fearless..FEARLESS!! Riding your bike at 3, then a real quad, then a real Dirt Bike at age 4, and quickly moved to tackle football at age 5. You have caused my hair to start turning gray....on more than one occasion. You are smart, usually too smart for your own good. You are 6 going on 16. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I am talking to a teenager! You like to argue...a lot. But we are working on that-daily :) You have made me cry both tears of pure joy and pure frustration....but through it I draw closer to God and I see you do the same. You have a giving, kind, loving heart. You love reading God's word and have so many questions. I love to see how much you are learning at church and at school. You are so inquisitive...sometimes it drives me nuts, but most of the time I love seeing how your brain works!

Some of your favorite things at age six are: Spiderman, motorcycles, riding bikes, riding your dirt bike, helping dad mow the lawn, lego heros, puzzles, drawing and coloring, any kind of craft, playing games on my iphone, watching Saturday morning cartoons, rollercoasters, wrestling with your brother and sister, and eating anything you can get your hands on, all. day. long. ("mom can I please have something else to eat, I am starving!")

You keep me on my toes, you bring me to my knees, you challenge me (in a good way). I love you more than you could ever know. Thank you for always forgiving me when I mess up, and for being the son we dreamed about when we so desperately wanted to expand our family :)

Happy 6th Birthday my love!