Friday, August 27, 2010

Superstar among us

Well, we all know Joel is very shy in front of the camera so I am sure it is a huge surprise that he was on TV again. He went on Tram's Valley Dish, a cooking show on Ch 12. It was a competition, he was  cooking against another firefighter and they had to make a dish containing bacon. Below is a link to watch the show,( I can't figure out how to just load the video on here) it is about 15 min. without commercials. The other contestant goes first, so if you want you can fast forward a bit to just watch him. I know it is a little long, but trust me, its worth it!  

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st week

This week I sent both my babies off to school and officially became aware of how much driving moms of school-aged children do! Whew, alot of back and forth, but the kids love it so I am thankful:)
Kaden went first on Monday
He started PRE-K (not pre-school, don't make that mistake)
He an Miles get to spend another school year together and I am thankful for that.
On Tuesday, it was Gavin's turn....he was soo ready!
Kaden was excited for him too.
He looks so grown up!
They both had a GREAT week, and I got to spend more uninterrupted time with this cutie:)
I was able to make her a new dress (pardon her "drunk eyes") She looks like such a little diva!
And while I was sewing I made this for the oldest of my children:)
It suits him well!

Here's to a great school year!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Recap

Disclaimer:  lots of pictures ahead!!!!
We started off Gavin's Birthday by waking him up and serenading him with Happy Birthday. He was excited, we had been counting down the days!

(there was supposed to be a video here but after 4 attempts it still did not load!! so, use your imagination here)
Present time!!!
Lightening McQueen :)

Kaden was so excited to buy him a present this year. I took him to the $1 store and this is what he picked out.
I also decided to copy Carrie's idea and make them real superhero capes to take the place of the pillow cases we had been using. I made them reversable. They were a hit!
They were a hit!

I think it may have been his favorite present. Kaden's too. Kade's already got the superman pose down.

After lunch I surprised Gavin with his cake. (don't look too close, it didn't turn out that great!)

He loved it.

We had his birthday party later that evening at Peter Piper Pizza.

He was so excited, and loving all the attention.
Friends Dominic and Catia
Riding the merry go round thingy
Cousin Jamie

JJ looking not so excited, but I think he liked it.
Miles ready for more video games
A little Ski Ball.                                       Aunt Robyn and cousin Hannah

Cup cake time!
I am pretty sure he liked it:)

The frosting was everywhere! He looked like the Joker!
Hannah and Zo Zo enjoyed some cupcake too!
Zoey kept stealing pieces from Hannah. That's my girl!

Grandpa was almost as messy as the kids!

Gavin had a great day! Thanks to all of you who helped us celebrate:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My baby boy is growing up!

Last night I kissed my 2 year old for the last time. Today he wakes up as a big 3 year old....oh how a year goes by soooo fast, and how many things change. Last year on his birthday, he was still in diapers...those have been long gone for about 11 months now! My "little" chunky monkey has grown up so much over the past year. He will be starting preschool in just 2 weeks!
Hard to believe this was him 2 years ago:

And now he is well on his way to be a teenager:

This kid is soooo smart. Remembers EVERYTHING, so be careful what you promise him, because he will call you on it. Loves everything cars, superheros, and motorcycles. Thinks he knows how to do a backflip. Finally knows how to swim!! Loves Food, of any kind, and apparently, is always hungry. Can hear me descretely unwrap a candy wrapper from all the way in the back row of the van....and wants me to share. Cannot watch a tv program or movie for more than 5 min before getting up and wandering off. Is my little shadow, always coming and finding me if I am not in the room. Gives me unsolicited "I love you's" atleast five times a day. Love's his mommy and wants to go everywhere with me. Adore's his baby sister and knows how to make her belly laugh. Looks up to his big brother, even when he is not so nice. Has some of the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen.
Thank you, Gavin, for being such an amazing, loving, witty, cute, snuggly, and wonderful little boy! Hope your Birthday is full of fun and laughter. Now please, stop growing up so fast!!!!!!