Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zoey's Birthday (better late than never, right?)

This post is over a month late, but at least I am documenting it, right? Lil miss Zo Turned 2 on Oct. 14th, so a few days after her real birthday, we through her a party with family and a couple friends. Sissy is REALLY in to Dora, so naturally we through her a Dora party and rented a Dora bouncer. My sister had just thrown my niece a Dora party too, and she let us use all the same decorations...sweet! We had to make sure Zoey was dressed the part, so I made my little princess a Dora shirt, and finished it off with a tutu and crown! Perfect!!

 She loved her shirt, and I love her in her little tiara!
 "2" for my little 2 year old.
 She was happy to see Grandma and Grandpa
 our little princess
 She wasted no time getting into the Dora bouncer! Look how sweaty she is! Did I mention it was 95 degrees that day? Yuck.
 Kaden and cousin Hannah
 The Dad's, doing what they do best.
 We ate dinner and then it was time for PRESENTS!!
 She got so many presents, and so much of her favorite Dora and Princess items.
 Her  first nightgown....her little body in a nightgown is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!
 And for the big finish...Grandma G got her a Dora tricycle. She loves it!
 Time for cake. I made her a Dora cake using a cake transfer. It turned out pretty well!
 We had some Dora cupcakes too :)
 I had to move her away from the cake because she wanted to dig right in!
 Blowing out her candles
 She devoured her cake!!
 And, once she was high on sugar, she took her shirt off, found some candy and went for a joy ride!

It was a great evening, and she loved every bit of it!
The next morning, the kids went right back into the bouncer before it was picked up.
 They didn't wnt us to give it back!
 Gavin dunking a shot!
Happy Birthday Zo Zo!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Justin Bieber?

So, as I was going through pics for another post I came across these pics from Kaden's Birthday. He got some new shoes and a cool new hat for his Birthday from us. He thought he looked pretty cool, and I think he was right! What do you think, do we have another JB on our hands?

Hey Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh!
Seriously, how is he only 6?


Halloween was a busy but fun day this year. We started out by getting the kids dressed up in the morning after breakfast.
 Our Pirate
 Mr. Sun Devil Football Player
 And lil miss cheerleader
 this was the most I could get her to look at the camera!

We dropped Gavin off at preschool and the Kaden and Zoey got to wear their costumes to the gym. When I was done there, we went back to preschool for Gavin's party.
 Pirates love snacks
 And boy did the girls seem to love our Pirate:) Gavin is quite the ladies man, the girls can't get enough of him!
 Our family (minus the Biggest Kid)
 Next it was time for trunk or treat. Zoey was ready.
 We were just waiting for the class to come out when I snapped this pic. It is one of my new favorite pics!
 trunk or treat!
 Zoey kept inspecting her bucket after each treat was added. Love her!

Lunch that day consisted of mostly candy :) After Kaden was done with school that afternoon, we got the kids back in their costumes and headed out for dinner and trick or treating at the Wallace's. Joel had a night class (stupid master's program!) so he wasn't able to go trick or treating with us. Thankfully, the kids weren't too upset because they got to be with some of their favorite friends :)
 The trick or treating crew

The kids had so much fun. Zoey jumped right in there with the big kids and walked amost the whole time. Miss independent for sure.
 Gavin was happy to have his bestest bud with him!
And Zoey liked that her future husband was a doctor!

It was a fun day, with only two or three sugar meltdowns!
Happy Halloween!